Decks to expect at YCS Prague

28.02.2015 | 11:24 |

Finally, the long wait is over! The first YCS of 2015 is about to start (players are just getting seated for Round 1). It’s not only the first YCS of 2015, no, it’s twofold premiere: it’s the first YCS in the Czech Republic. I dare speak for everyone on the team that we are very excited about this event. The new sets Secrets of Eternity and The Secret Forces introduced new archetypes to the game. Here are the Decks to expect:

The most talked about and most anticipated archetype lately is – you guessed it – Nekroz. Out of The Secret Forces the Deck seems to be the strongest one, even though it focuses on a long forgotten game mechanic: Ritual Monsters. Earlier, Ritual Monsters were difficult to play since they required the appropriate material and a Ritual Spell Card to Summon. Nekroz solved this problem with an incredible amount of tutoring and versatility in every card therefore making the Deck very consistent – one of the key factors to success in a 13 Round tournament.




Nekroz is not only very consistent, the Deck is stuffed with power cards like Nekroz of Brionac, Nekroz of Gungnir and Nekroz of Trishula. Do this names sound familiar to you? Well, some of them are the Ritual versions of older Synchro Monsters. Resolving a Nekroz of Trishula play can be devastating to your opponent which is hard to recover from. I guess players will be siding heavily against this match-up and I’m already curious to find out what they found in their collections to take them down.

Qliphort are still a strong contender this weekend. They are said to be the anti-meta Deck to Nekroz. The popularity of the Qliphort Deck stems from various factors: they also have tutors with Qliphort Scout, which can search any “Qli” card out of the Deck to the hand for the cost of only 800 Lifepoints, and Saqlifice. They can dish out a lot of damage in one turn due to their Pendulum mechanic. A strong tech card is the addition of Skill Drain in the Deck. All monsters are high Level monsters that can be Summoned without Tribute, with a drawback of having lower ATK. Skill Drain resets this drawback and shuts down opposing monster effects. Another interesting addition to the Deck is Storm which clears opposing backrows.




To my surprise Satellarknights found new popularity among players lately. One reason is the new support card Stellarknight Constellar Diamond, which is easy to Summon since it can be overlayed over Stellarknight Triverr or Stellarknight Delteros. It successfully deprives all DARK monsters off their effects, meaning it can stop Burning Abyss as well as Shaddoll monsters effectively. Since Stellarknight Triverr bounces all cards on the field to the hand the Deck recycles Call of the Haunted and Oasis of Dragon Souls gaining advantage. And with Shaddolls loosing popularity the Decks natural enemy Denko Sekka drops out of the metagame even though I saw some Nekroz Decks siding it.




Burning Abyss is still a strong contender, even though it fell behind lately. The Deck is still very versatile and can pull off a lot of XYZ Summons on one turn. It seems that the Deck has evolved from a rather control oriented build to a Deck effectively using cards like Enemy Controller to win the game in one turn. Cards like [farfa] help the Deck play around against former popular Side Board cards like Flying "C". Still it seems like it’s having trouble keeping up with Nekroz so far.




We will keep an eye on any rogue Decks that do well. Maybe Yosenju and Spiritual Beasts manage to surprise us? I’ve heard players talk about them a lot. I guess we will find out after this tournament, I can’t wait for the event to get started. Stay tuned!