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[ygotcg] is a fast paced game and recently a lot has changed yet again. The new Forbidden & Limited List came into effect and [core] was released a few weeks ago. Both had a big impact on the current decks and metagame. In the following article will be shedding some light on the decks to expect for the first YCS in the new format.

Exa Enforcer[abstand]

Nekroz still seems to be the deck to beat going into this event. The deck needed to adapt to the changes of the Forbidden & Limited List, [nz shurit] was limited to one and [djinn r] as well as [lchain] are now Forbidden. All those changes are very reasonable, forcing the players to adapt the strategy without making the deck “unplayable”. They need to be more careful using resources and recycling [nz shurit] using cards like [nz sorc] and [nz exa]. [nz trish] is still a powerhouse on itself, those plays are still as devastating to the opponent as they used to be.

[abstand]Damage Juggler[abstand]

Shaddolls are back on the tournament scene! With [core] Performages were introduced to the game. The Shaddoll core stays untouched, the light engine changes from format to format, making the deck very flexible and highly adaptable to the metagame. One of the decks key aspects is its flexibility and explosiveness however the combo pieces may not always come together. The deck has its own [trishula] now and can summon it quite easily using [shd falco] and the new Performages.

[abstand]Kozmo Farmgirl[abstand]

Kozmo is a new archetype which was released with [core]. The deck uses a light “Psychic” engine resolving around cards like [k farm] and [k town]. The key strategy resolves around banishing your own monsters in order to summon other Kozmo monsters and trigger their effects. The deck can be very fast and dish out a lot of damage in one turn. According to some players in attendance here today the deck is not too hard to play unlike Nekroz for example.


Qliphort strategy has changed a lot lately. From a rather slow control based deck it turned into a turbo version due to a new card out of [core]: [wavering]. Some players were already experimenting with the deck at the European Championship in Dublin. The deck aims to summon [q towers] as soon as possible riding the card to victory. In fact there are very little outs to [q towers] in current decks due to its powerful effect making it unaffected of monster effects with a level or rank lower than itself. As far as I can tell the deck struggles to recover from loosing [q towers].

There are a lot more strategies in competition this weekend. I’ve already seen Burning Abyss, Infernoids and Ritual Beasts here today. I guess players also had these decks on the radar going into this event. But Side Deck space is limited and in a diverse metagame you have to give up certain Match-Ups in order to be prepared for the most popular decks.

As usual we will keep an eye on any rogue strategies that will pop up in the course of the event. Stay tuned for all the action here at YCS Rimini.

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