Diego Badinotti’s “Attack of the Worms!” Deck

[p]So far this format has proven to be very diverse, with several Decks capable of winning a YCS, and several more capable of causing an upset. Looking around the tables today we’re seeing lots of creative ideas but so far I haven’t seen anything that can trump this! Diego Badinotti is a well-known Duelist from Italy and he’s hoping to make all his opponents fear the power of Worms![/p]

Worms and Reptiles make for an impressive Deck!

Check back here tomorrow evening for the full Decklist!

[p]Badinotti’s Deck combines various Reptile-Type Worm Monsters with Reptile Support cards like [offering] and [antana] to produce something that opponents will not be used to playing against. [cartaros] can add a Level 4 or lower “Worm” monster from Badinotti’s deck to his hand when it’s flipped. When [xex] is Normal Summoned Badinotti loads his Graveyard with a Reptile-Type “Worm” monster, and Xex can’t be destroyed in battle while [yagan]'[s] on the field. [yagan] can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard in face-down [def] when Xex is on the field, and when it’s flipped Badinotti can return 1 of his opponent’s face-up monsters back to their hand. [linx] gives Badinotti draw power, getting him 1 free card during every End Phase Lynx is face-up after being flipped.[/p]

[p]Most of Badinotti’s monsters are LIGHT, so there’s a copy of [honest] in the Main Deck to help him attack over stronger monsters. 2 [caius] also make an appearance so that he can put his monsters to good use while also filling up the Graveyard with Reptiles for [antana] and [wzero]. [antana] can be Special Summoned when Badinotti removes every Reptile in his Graveyard from play, and gains 600 ATK for each. With 14 Reptiles in the Main Deck those Antanas become a real Duel ender, often having over 3000 ATK. If Badinotti doesn’t win the Duel straight away with [antana], Antana’s second effect lets him destroy 1 card on the field at the end of every turn.[/p]

[p]The Spell and Trap lineup contains the regular support cards we see in every Deck like [mst], [hole], [reborn] and so-on but also 2 copies of [stumbling]. [stumbling] helps out by keeping Badinotti’s monsters safe since several of them have low ATK and DEF. Also, since all monsters turn to [def] when Summoned, Badinotti’s opponents won’t be able to Summon several monsters at once and attack with them instantly to win the Duel. 3 [offering] serve the same purpose as [icarus] in Blackwings, destroying multiple cards at once. 3 [duality] help Badinotti get to his key cards and since most of his Worm monsters have Flip Effects he doesn’t need to Special Summon right away. It also brings him closer and closer to [future] which can Summon the other ace monster in the Deck; [wzero]. [/p]

[p][wzero] has several different effects based on how many Fusion Materials Badinotti uses. If he uses 2 or more Zero can Special Summon a Reptile-Type monster from the Graveyard in face-down [def] (great for re-using Flip Effects). 4 or more materials turns [wzero] into [ded], letting Badinotti directly send monster to the Graveyard by removing a Reptile in his Graveyard from play. If Badinotti sends 6 monsters to the graveyard to Summon [wzero], he can draw 1 extra card every turn (and gives Zero 3000 ATK, since it gains 500 ATK for every Fusion Material used to Summon it). Also, having so many monsters go to the Graveyard at once gives Badinotti the opportunity to end the Duel quicker with a high ATK [antana].[/p]

[p]In a format of extreme diversity there’s always room for new Decks to shine, and what Diego Badinotti’s put together today should inspire several Duelists to pick up their spare Reptile cards and put something together![/p]

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