Double Deck Feature Karakuri

I scouted the top tables during Round 10 and came across 2 players that were doing reasonably well with the Karakuri archetype. Sitting at table 27 (sporting an 7 – 2 record) was Anthony Locoge while only 2 tables behind him, Rodolphe Hohweyer was also doing fairly well with the tricky Machines. Let’s check out what they had to say about the Karakuri Deck.

[quote]Monsters: 18

3 [psi com]
3 [swj]
3 [224]
3 [248]
3 [177]
2 [236]
1 [919]

Spells: 17

1 [reborn]
1 [storm]
2 [mst]
2 [night beam]
3 [teleport]
3 [instant fusion]
3 [desynch]
1 [kcc]
1 [k ana]

Traps: 5

1 [sj]
1 [warning]
2 [decree]
1 [fiendish]

Side Deck: 15

1 [cfd]
2 [cd]
2 [maxx]
2 [veiler]
3 [df]
1 [mst]
2 [soul taker]
2 [mind crush]

Extra Deck: 15

2 [00x]
2 [00]
1 [landoise]
1 [beast]
1 [scrap dragon]
1 [crimson blader]
1 [sdd]
1 [brd]
1 [catastor]
2 [cyber saurus]
1 [11]
1 [zenmaines][/quote]
There were very few differences between the Decks of Rodolphe and Anthony. The key strategy of the Karakuri archetype is of course to assemble powerful Synchro Monsters that can [ss] additional Karakuris to the field. Often, you will then use [desynch] to disassemble them again, so you can repeat the earlier process and gain even more advantage.
[b]Here’s how it’s done:[/b]
[quote][b]Anthony:[/b] With the effects of [00] and [00x], I can [ss] [248] to the field and then draw up to 2 cards. With [instant fusion] and [desynch], you can bring back [224], use the effect to [ns] another Level 4 Monster, I then go for [00], follow it up with [teleport], this will then provide me with [landoise] and that’s often enough to wrap things up right then and there![/quote]
[b]What’s the biggest advantage of the Deck?[/b]
[quote][b]Anthony:[/b] Many of my opponents were still surprised to see the Deck and they didn’t know how it works exactly. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the Deck never won a lot of tournaments and many players discard the Decks that “only” reached the tops.
My build is very close to what Desmond Johnson was running earlier this year, I just changed a few cards.[/quote]
[b]If you could change anything at this point, what would you change?[/b]
[quote]I don’t think you need [brd], so it would be better to add a third copy of [00]. Other than that, the Extra Deck is fine as it is.

[maxx] in the Side Deck didn’t help me this weekend at all, so I might instead add another [cd] to max out the copies. The Deck becomes a lot more risky this way, but it’s still working fine.
[df] is one of the strongest cards since it shuts down opponent’s [maxx] and [veiler]. I expect them to side into these cards, so I just introduce [df] into my Main Deck and that’s often all it takes.

[soul taker] is very useful against HERO Decks as well as everything that sides into [rai oh] (which means more than half the field).[/quote]
I now headed over to Rodolphe to ask him whether his Deck choice gave him an advantage this weekend…
[quote][b]Rodolphe:[/b] Many of my opponents asked me how certain cards were working, so it definitely seemed like the Deck is still not well-known among many communities.[/quote]

Rodolphe is also doing rather well with Karakuris this weekend!
Rodolphe is also doing rather well with Karakuris this weekend!

[b]Why did you play the Deck today?[/b]
[quote][b]Anthony:[/b]I think this is the last time that the Deck is a viable choice. [ophion] can shut down this Deck all on its own, so I wanted to give it one last shot before it wouldn’t be able to best the competition any longer.[/quote]
[b]Do you have to adapt your strategy a lot depending on your opponent’s Deck? [/b]
[quote][b]Anthony:[/b] Against Mermails, [night beam] and [crimson blader] are very strong cards. Some games against Mermails, I just [ss] [crimson blader], shutting down pretty much all of my opponent’s Deck.

[night beam] is also strong against Firefists, there is very little they can do against it.
But that’s basically it; I rely on the explosiveness of the Deck and try to finish my opponents before they can make sure their own engine is properly running.[/quote]
[b]What were your expections prior to the event?[/b]
[quote][b]Anthony:[/b] I came to this event, hoping to advance to Day 2. I’m still in the run for the knock out portion, so it’s quite an accomplishment in my opinion and I couldn’t be much happier with my performance![/quote]
[b]Rodolphe plays [7749], what do you think about the card?[/b]
[quote]I don’t think you really need the card since you got [barkion]. You also have [decree] and therefore, you shouldn’t be in fear of opposing traps. There’s very little that can stop you.

Oh, and I don’t like [poa]. You want to be extremely fast, so you won’t even make it to the turns when [poa] becomes a good option.[/quote]
Rodolphe defended his decision, stating that [7749] is very good to [ss] [sdd] to the field or go for another [00].
[quote]Also, together with [224], it allows for some great plays, but it’s true that I often side out the card – it’s mostly a “game 1 card” in my opinion.[/quote]

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