Draft Pack Play: What is it?

27.04.2014 | 19:57 |
Giant Attack of the Giant Card has been a sealed event today. Not only has it been sealed, it has been draft. Draft play for those who don’t know is where packs are opened and instead of playing what you pull you pick one card from the pack you open and pass it to the person on your right or left. This allows you to pick and choose what cards to use in your Deck rather than be stuck with whatever you pull. Draft play requires a lot more skill than Sealed Pack play because you’re not only picking you own cards but now have the ability to stop your opponent getting the cards they need for their Deck.

War of the Giants: Reinforcements is a pack built especially for drafting, and can be combined with Battle Pack 2 packs for a whole new format!

For example you if you see every single Evilswarm card passing by you disappear it is more than likely that someone else is playing Evilswarm. If you then pull in your pack a card that would give Evilswarm massive advantage you can take that card. It may be useless to you but at one point you will have to play that Evilswarm player and know that that advantage has been taken away. The set that the Giant Attack of the Giant Card Duelists have been playing with has been Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants which is actually tuned to playing sealed pack format. It’s a good method of Levelling a playing field as players can’t use their own cards; there are no months and months of playtesting. You have a pool of cards: make a Deck. I caught up with Umut Serin, the winner of the Giant Attack of the Giant Card, to see what they had to say about draft.
Accidentally enter a sealed tournament? Accidentally win!

Accidentally enter a sealed tournament? Accidentally win!

Have you guys played draft Yu-Gi-Oh! before?
No I haven’t. It’s a long long discussion between myself and winners of European tournaments. Draft is more skilled than sealed but still depends on the luck of what you can take. It shows who can build better Decks only with what you get. Patrik Rieder paid for me to enter this and told me I should come and play. I didn’t even realise it was draft. Then I won won won and got into the top eight, as soon as I saw that it was Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight I knew I had to win.

What would you say the best strategy is for draft?
What I can say form experience here is that I did not have enough time to read every card. Some cards I know and some you want to read but then you only have ten seconds. My advice is to read up before and prepare at home, learn the set. Ask Peter Gross, he’s the best person at Yu-Gi-Oh! I’ve seen.

Would you say that there’s any themes in this set that is easy to draft?
I am old and still have a connection with Forbidden Memories on PlayStation. Strategy here is similar, big monster plus equip cards makes people win. My opponent had 60% better cards than me, I have no idea how I beat him!

The feedback I mostly get from sealed play is that it's very fun and can bring a lot of new players into the game very easily. Draft however is for more skilled player who want to challenge themselves. I look forward to seeing a lot more draft Organised Play in future!