Drafting Duel: Duncan Tang vs Abid Arshad

09.09.2012 | 18:08 |

Welcome again Duelists. Last time we saw how Drafting would work in a Yu-Gi-Oh! environment, and followed Duncan Tang as he selected the cards he could build a Deck out of. With his Deck complete he now faces off against fellow UK Duelist Abid Arshad, who’ll have some of the cards Tang passed by on. Let’s see how the Duel develops!

Abid Arshad competing in this Drafting Duel

Abid Arshad competing in this Drafting Duel

Arshad started the Match quickly with Fiend's Sanctuary and Tribute Summoned Jinzo!

Tang drew and remarked “Oh this is so sick!”. Tour Guide From the Underworld was Summoned and he brought out Gravitic Orb to Xyz Summon Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. He detached a Material to overpower Jinzo.

Arshad played Change of Heart and took control of Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. It attacked directly and in Main Phase 2 he Tributed it to Summon Dark Ruler Ha Des.

Tang Special Summoned Machina Fortress and ran over Dark Ruler Ha Des.

Arshad Set a monster on his turn.

Tang Summoned D.D. Assailant and both monsters attacked, eventually destroying the Set Gyroid.

Arshad Set a Spell/Trap

Tang attacked directly with both monsters.

Arshad played another Fiend's Sanctuary.

Tang Summoned Cloudian - Poison Cloud and attacked into the Token, but it did nothing as they both had 0 ATK!

Arshad Summoned Drillroid and followed up with Autonomous Action Unit to take Tang’s copy and Xyz Summon Gem-Knight Pearl. Pearl destroyed Machina Fortress in battle and Fortress destroyed Pearl with its effect. Arshad then destroyed D.D. Assailant with Shield Crush.

Tang Summoned Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive and equipped Cloudian - Poison Cloud with Fighting Spirit, enough to seal the Duel.

Tang wins Duel 1!

Go Drillroid!

Go Drillroid!

Arshad opened with Fiend's Sanctuary again, this time using the Token to Tribute Set Guardian Sphinx.

Tang had the perfect answer though and Summoned Drillroid! It destroyed the Sphinx and he Set a card.

Arshad Set a monster and a Spell/Trap on his turn.

Tang Tributed Drillroid to Summon Zaborg the Thunder Monarch and destroy Twin-Headed Behemoth. He attacked directly and Twin-Headed Behemoth was revived in the End Phase.

Arshad Summoned Gyroid and Xyz Summoned Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, detaching a Material. He destroyed Zaborg in battle and Set 2 cards.

Tang Set Vortex Trooper.

Arshad destroyed it with Shield Crush and attacked directly.

Tang Special Summoned Machina Fortress but was halted by Solemn Judgment. He Set Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite.

Arshad Summoned Deep Diver and destroyed Zephyros as Number 17: Leviathan Dragon attacked directly.

Tang activated Premature Burial, but Dark Bribe deprived us of an awesome play! (Tang would revive Machina Fortress, bounce the Premature Burial back to his hand with Zephyros and play it again.) He Summoned Archfiend Soldier and destroyed Deep Diver, Arshad would draw Witch of the Black Forest next turn.

Arshad Summoned Witch of the Black Forest, destroyed Tang’s monster with Fissure, but when Number 17: Leviathan Dragon attacked Tang had the Magic Cylinder to seal the Match!

Duncan Tang wins this Drafing Duel!

After the Match, Tang said that the Drafting was a lot of fun, and would certainly work if done as an alternative format. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Draft events in the future? Feel free to try it out with your friends and see how it goes!