Dragon Duel Award Ceremony

08.07.2018 | 18:37 |
Ladies and Gentlemen, parents and all the people following our coverage at home: we would like to present you the Top 8 players of the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier. Both finalists are going to the World Championship in Japan! Check out the future YCS champions: Top 4 Dragon Duelists


Quarterfinalists: Truls Bachar Truls Bachar from Sweden


Johann Johann Klapper from Germany


Fabian Hertel Fabian Hertel from Germany


Ned Goodman Ned Goodman from the UK


Semifinalists: Matteo Milano Matteo Milano from Italy


Felix Rau Felix Rau from Germany


Runner Up Aiden Appel Aiden Appel from Germany


Winner Kai Heidinger Kai Heidinger from Germany