Dragon Duel Award Ceremony

08.07.2018 | 18:37 |

Ladies and Gentlemen, parents and all the people following our coverage at home: we would like to present you the Top 8 players of the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier. Both finalists are going to the World Championship in Japan!

Check out the future YCS champions:
Top 4 Dragon Duelists


Truls Bachar
Truls Bachar from Sweden


Johann Klapper from Germany


Fabian Hertel
Fabian Hertel from Germany


Ned Goodman
Ned Goodman from the UK


Matteo Milano
Matteo Milano from Italy


Felix Rau
Felix Rau from Germany


Runner Up
Aiden Appel
Aiden Appel from Germany


Kai Heidinger
Kai Heidinger from Germany