Dragon Duel Award Ceremony

24.02.2019 | 17:45 |
Ladies and Gentlemen, parents and all the people following our coverage at home: we would like to present you the Top Dragon Duelists of YCS Düsseldorf 2019! YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 Top 4 Dragon Duel YCS Düsseldorf 2019


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 4th place: Malthe Kjerulf


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 3rd place: Aaron Schöter


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 Runner-Up: Paul Reimer


YCS, Düsseldorf 2019 Winner and Dragon Duel Champion YCS Düsseldorf 2019: Vitus Krogh


Congratulations to all of our Dragon Duelists! Hope you had a great time and we all hope to see you at one of our next events.