Dragon Duel Award Ceremony

11.12.2016 | 16:22 |

We have our first Winner of the event! The Dragon Duel Champion of YCS Bochum 2016 is Severin Geigenberger. He came out undefeated after 4 Rounds of Dragon Duel. Is he a future YCS champion? We’ll see!

The prize pool is impressive. The winner recieves a full set of Super-Rare Darklords as well as a playmat and boosters.
[abstand]Dragon Duel Award 5
The Top 4 of the Dragon Duel!
[abstand]Dragon Duel Award 16
Severin Geigenberger took first place and a full set of Super-Rare Darklords as a price.
[abstand]Dragon Duel Award 11
David Carnea placed second.
[abstand]Dragon Duel Award 10
Luca Fahlenbock came in third.
[abstand]Dragon Duel Award 6
4th place for Leon Braches.