Dragon Duel Award Ceremony

25.02.2018 | 17:03 |

Ladies and Gentlemen, parents and everybody following our coverage at home: we have the first winners of YCS Prague Vol. 2. The Dragon Duel concluded with a surprise! After winning three Dragon Duels in a row Felix Rau’s winning streak came to an end. We have a new Dragon Duel winner!

DD Award6
The Top 4 of the Dragon Duel at YCS Bochum 2018.[abstand]
Julian Daniel Pallas
4th place: Julian Daniel Pallas from Germany[abstand]
Jamal Onah
3rd place: Jamal Onah from Austria[abstand]
Kai Heindinger
Runner-Up: Kai Haindinger from Germany[abstand]
Felix Rau
Winner: Felix Rau from Germany[abstand]