Dragon Duel Championship Finals Feature Match: David Monaghan vs. Kali McMoran

For the juniors, it all comes down to this! After 6 rounds of Swiss and 2 more rounds in the knock out portion of the tournament, we’re all set for the finals of the Dragon Duel Championship. Facing off are David Monaghan, who is running X-Sabers, and Kali McMoran, who relies on Infernities.

David Monaghan piloted X-Sabers all the way to the finals!

Monaghan won the die roll and opted to go first. McMoran held [call], [grepher], [trunade], [archfiend] and [necromancer].

Meanwhile, Monaghan Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and followed it up with [monk]. He discarded [mbaas], brought out [cat] and Tributed it for [darksoul] and [airbellum], the usual suspects. He Special Summoned [faultroll], Tuned his monsters to [hyunlei], used the effect of [faultroll] to bring back [airbellum] and used it and the Synchro Monster to Special Summon [gottoms]. He Tributed [faultroll] for the effect of [gottoms], hitting [grepher], and passed.

In McMoran’s Standby Phase, Monaghan was quick to activate [dustshoot]. The new card in McMoran’s hand was [ced]. Monaghan read over [necromancer] and [archfiend] again and then picked [necromancer]. McMoran activated [trunade]. He brought out [archfiend], destroyed [monk] in battle and passed for his turn.

Monaghan tried to strike down [archfiend] with his Synchro Monster, but [ced] returned it to the Extra Deck. Monaghan Set a Monster and passed.

McMoran was more or less back in the game. He attacked with [archfiend], destroying [darksoul] in battle and passed. During the End Phase, Monaghan searched his deck for [fulhelm] and added it to his hand.

In the following turn, Monaghan drew into a third card before Summoning [fulhelm]. He Set a Spell or Trap Card and passed.

McMoran had [grepher] as well as [launcher]. He read over the effect of [launcher] again and Summoned [grepher] who fell victim to [bth]. [archfiend] attacked [fulhelm], but the effect of the X-Saber monster negated the attack. McMoran then used [call] to bring back [grepher] (Monaghan tried to use Saber Hole to negate the Special Summon, but the judges explained this wouldn’t be possible) and destroyed [fulhelm] in battle.

Monaghan simply Set a Spell or Trap Card the following turn.

McMoran attacked with both his monsters, dealing 3500 points of damage. Play was back to Monaghan.

He Summoned [fulhelm] and McMoran thought for a second. He decided that it was OK for [fulhelm] to hit the field (he had a face-down [sj]) and Monaghan followed it up with Gottoms’ Emergency Call. McMoran decided that now was the right time to use his counter trap, negating the effect. [mind control] secured control over [archfiend] for a turn and Monaghan quickly Tuned it to [urbellum]. He attacked [grepher] with the Synchro Monster, destroying it in battle, had 1 card left in his hand and passed for his turn.

Monaghan went searching for answers in his Extra Deck.

McMoran activated [launcher]. He discarded [mirage] with the effect of [launcher] and sacked the spell to bring back [archfiend]. He then used the effect of [archfiend] to search his deck for [necromancer], Set it and ended his turn.

Monaghan Set a Spell or Trap Card. He passed without any further actions.

McMoran drew into [storm]. He thought for a second and placed it face-down on the field.

Monaghan attacked with [urbellum] into [archfiend]. He was done afer that move, holding 2 more cards in his hand.

McMoran drew, activated [mst], destroying [sj] and then Flip Summoned [necromancer]. He brought back [archfiend], used it’s effect to search his deck for [beetle], Summoned it and Tributed it for its own effect, providing him with 2 more copies of the card. He Tuned [beetle] and [necromancer] to [gish], then Tuned the other [beetle] and the [archfiend] to [goyo]. He attacked with [goyo] over [urbellum] and Monaghan was quick to shuffle up his cards.


Kali McMoran gains the upper hand in a contested first Duel, taking away the win!


After Monaghan foiled McMoran’s plans early with [dustshoot], it took a lot of time to set up the Infernity combo again. However, McMoran eventually succeeded and claimed the win in the first Duel thanks to the effects of the Infernities that work best when you’re low on cards in your hand.

Kali McMoran was quite relaxed, leading in games.

Monaghan took a little more time to find the best answers in his side deck. Both players shuffled their decks thoroughly before Monaghan drew into his opening 6. He Set a Monster Card as well as 2 Spell or Trap Cards.

McMoran did what the Infernities are best known for: Getting rid of cards in his own hand. He Set 4 Spell or Trap Cards together with a monster and passed the turn.

Monaghan Flip Summoned [darksoul] and triggered his own [tt]. McMoran activated [sj], but Monaghan had a [sj] of his own to force the play through! [ryko] left the field on McMoran’s side. [sangan] was summoned next and reduced McMoran’s Life Points to 3000. During the End Phase, Monaghan searched his deck for [fulhelm] thanks to the effect of [darksoul]. He ended his turn without a back row.

McMoran started with [infinf], discarding [archfiend] to get a [beetle] from his deck and filling up his Graveyard. Next, he used [launcher] to bring both of those monsters back. He used the effect of [archfiend] to get a second [launcher] and then used the [beetle] to get 2 more copies of the Tuner out of his deck. He Tuned [archfiend] and a [beetle] to [goyo], used [launcher] to bring back [beetle] and [archfiend] once more, [archfiend] got him another [launcher] and he Tuned both monsters once more, this time getting [brionac] out of his Extra Deck. He still wasn’t done, tough. Using his last copy of the [launcher], he brought back [archfiend] and [beetle] for a third time before proceding with his Battle Phase. [beetle] attacked [sangan], which brought Monaghan a [cat] from his deck. [archfiend] was next in line, dealing 1900 damage. [beetle] followed it up before [brionac] scored another huge hit, winning the game for McMoran!


Kali McMoran wins the Dragon Duel Championship!


The final picture of the field


Kali McMoran went combo crazy on a huge turn, using all of the key cards of the Infernity deck to set up a huge field that secured him the title in the tournament!


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