Dragon Duel Final Results!

16.01.2017 | 10:18 |
One of the major Public Events at a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event is the Dragon Duel, a tournament where our younger Duelists are able to compete against each for medals, mats and other great prizes! Our Dragon event just finished up, so let's take a look at our prize winners!   In fourth place, we have Quinten H. playing ABC! Congratulations! DD Quinten   In third place, we have Peter Z. playing ABC! Congratulations! DD Peter   In second place was Dylan W., playing Metalfoes Majespecter! Congratulations! YCS Dylan   And finally, a very special congratulations to Connor D., who won the event with his Metalfoes Majespecter Deck! Congratulations! YCS Connor


Well done to all of our Dragon Duelists for their participation. We look forward to seeing you continue to grow as Duelists!