Dragon Duel: Impressions of Swiss

The Dragon Duel is a vital part of the WCQ. The Dragon Duel winners of today are the YCS winners of tomorrow. Each country held his own Dragon Duel series for Duelists under 14 of age. After numerous amounts of tournaments 30 players attended the Dragon Duel in Utrecht.

After 5 Rounds of Swiss the field was trimmed down to the Top 4 players. These Dragon Duelists will continue on Sunday with the knock-out rounds to duke it out and see who will go to worlds! Take a look at impressions of the Dragon Duel and the award ceremony from places 16 to 5.[abstand]Dragon Duel1

Dragon Duel2

Dragon Duel3

Dragon Duel4

Dragon Duel7

Dragon Duel8
The trophies for places 8 – 5.

Dragon Duel12
Places 16 to 9 will recieve a complete set of [macr]. Congratulations!

Dragon Duel13

Dragon Duel14

Dragon Duel15
At 8th place: Chris Dukker

Dragon Duel19
At 7th place: Rodrigo Javier Benavides Cabrejo

Dragon Duel23
Coming in 6th was: Ryan Voecks

Dragon Duel24

Dragon Duel26
In 4th place was Luca Fahlenbock

Dragon Duel30
Places 8 to 5: Chris Dukker, Rodrigo Javier Benavides Cabrejo, Ryan Voecks, Luca Fahlenbock

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