Duelist Profile: Alessandro Di Patria

30.08.2015 | 12:41 |
Alessandro Di Patria is the reigning Italian National Champion and was a member of Team Europe. He placed 4th in this year’s European Championship in Dublin and earned himself an invitation to the World Championship in Kyoto, Japan. We were curious to hear how feels about the trip to Japan and his World’s experience.


ceremony (8) Hi Alessandro, what made you come to YCS Rimini?
After playing Worlds I wanted had a strong desire to play Yu-Gi-Oh! again. And more important I wanted to top my first YCS! Up till now I always lost on the bubble and couldn’t make it. After Round 11 I’m holding a X:1:1 record going for Top 32.


What Deck are you playing today?
I’m still sticking to Burning Abyss. I’m feeling very confident with the Deck and want to prove that it is still the second best Deck. I enjoy playing because it is so flexible. You can play it in a control style or go for the otk. I feel like Nekroz is still the better Deck due to its consistency as well the powercards like Nekroz of Trishula.


What were your expectations for this event?
I expected a lot of mirror matches but I played more Shaddolls which is a pretty easy match up for me. My goal was reaching Top 32. I’m a very experienced Burning Abyss Duelist and play nearly flawless.


Tell us something about your experiences at the World Championship in Japan?
The event itself was very disappointing for me. I finished X:3 playing a HERO Deck. Unfortunately it was very bad metcall. The country itself was great! Being at Worlds was such a great experience for me, an experience I will never forget. All the people from all over the world getting together for this event was so much fun. I’m very thankful for this chance!


Which Deck were you running at Worlds?
I chose HERO, because I expected a lot of Qliphort for the event, but there was only one. I had to play a lot of Satellarknight, HERO and Ritual Beast which was very unfortunate. Still it was a great experience.


Any final words?
I want to give shoutouts to Proteus and Emre Kizilates from Germany!