Duelist Profile: Alexandre Marianne from Réunion

21.09.2019 | 13:25 |
What a great surprise! Alexandre Marianne from the island of Réunion approached us and asked for a picture with the guys from coverage. We started to chat and found out that he came here with a group of friends to participate in his 1st YCS ever. They were following our coverage of the YCS events regularly and finally made it here to take part in their first event. The community in Réunion seems to be very enthusiastic about the game but see for yourself!




Hi Alexandre, thank you for taking your time to talk to us. The first thing we would like to know is, how did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I was watching the anime series when I was a child. I started playing in 2003 right after the game was released. I was a pupil back than and was playing the game with my little sister. We didn’t always follow the official rules, but we had a lot of fun with the cards. In 2016 I came back to the game and realized that there were still a lot of people playing the game in my country. So, basically that’s how I started and now I’m here! It is my 1st YCS and it’s something I ever wanted to experience as a Duelist. I’ve been following the coverage of these events during the last couple of years and always dreamed of taking part in one some day.
How was your trip to Ghent?
Some of my friends already took part at the European Championship in Utrecht this year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it there. I had to work and couldn’t get a day off. But this time I was able to take a holiday and play in Ghent. We left on Tuesday night to take our flight to Paris. It was an 11 hour flight to Paris, stayed there until Friday and went Ghent this morning. The bus took around 4 hours and now we are finally here! It was a long trip, but I guess the experience is well worth it. For me, it’s a once in a lifetime experience. There are not a lot of people where I live that ever took part in YCS!
Community in Réunion?
Currently, we are almost 3.000 Duelists in Reunion. Not all of them go to tournaments regularly, but each weekend we have tournaments and have 30 people participating. Last month we had a big event organized by “Le cartel du quasar”. It turned out to be the biggest event ever on our island. 115 Duelists entered the event. It was huge! The winner of the event even took home a Nintendo Switch. So, everybody on Réunion wanted to take part and win the event. In a way, you could say that the event was some sort of national championship for us. It was the biggest event I ever played in my life. There are a lot of Duelists in my country and the community is growing a lot.
What Deck are you running for this weekend?
I run Pendulum Magician Zefra Endymion. It was always one of my most favorite Decks and when Electrumite was released I played the Deck a lot. Then the Deck fell off and was really competitive in the Sky Striker, Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon format. But when the now format came out, I was really happy to pick it up again. With the new Tin Promos a lot of the combo Decks did get a lot weaker and Pendulum is still very consistent. I feel like I don’t have to be scared of the match-ups anymore. The Deck can go first or second and out up to three negates. I feel very confident with it.
How do you feel about the current metagame
I think it is a very good metagame. A lot of different Decks are viable, there is a lot of diversity in the game. A friend of mine is running Great Maju which is pretty strong. Another friend of mine is running Burning Abyss which is popular as well and I feel like that it is very good with orcusts. So, there is a lot of diversity and I like that a lot.
What are your expectations.?
My goal is to reach the top cut. I want to come back home and tell my friends that I topped a YCS. I want to be the first person in Réunion that ever topped a YCS. I want to show my friends and show the world that there are also good players in my country as well. All of my friends are here for the same reason: we want to put Réunion on the map!
Do you have any final words
I would like to thank Konami and [yg] for making this big events possible, I’m having a great time here in Ghent. I want to thank my friends that travelled here with me and last but not least I want to thank coverage for letting me tell my story.