Duelist Profile: Christoph Baumann

Event though the Main Event won’t start until tomorrow, Friday is always worth a visit. Even more if you haven’t been able to qualify yet. The WCQ: Last Chance Qualifiers are your last chance to earn yourself an invite to the Main Event. Christoph Baumann managed to do just that.
Christoph Baumann
[b]Name: [/b] Chrstioph Baumann
[b]Age: [/b] 21
[b]Country: [/b] Germany, Leipzig

[b]What Deck did play today? [/b] I ran Majespecter with an Odd-Eyes splash: I chose the deck, because I felt like it was the most consistent Pendulum based deck. With this build my chances of having a bad hand are only 1 out of 10. All other versions brick very often.

[b]Who was your toughest opponent today? [/b] It was during the semifinals. The game was 1:1 and we played a mirror match. MY opponent had the best set up he can make with his deck. I took my turn and used up all of my resources to clear his field and otk my opponent. IT felt like my turn lasted around 20 minutes but it won me the game.

[b]Did you play Nationals? [/b] I played Nationals with a stun deck: Senju Demise, but unfortunately the deck lacked consistency.

[b] How do you feel about Last Chance Qualifiers? [/b] I think it’s a good addition to the whole event and a good chance to get into the Main Event.

[b]Any last words? [/b] I’m glad I managed to win and get a qualification and want to give a shoutout to my team Crisis Core.


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