Duelist Profile: Dimitri Bellaiche

31.08.2013 | 18:48 |
Most of you will know Dimitri Bellaiche from past events where he answered questions and maintaining the order as a Judge. This weekend, he opted to leave the black pants at home and instead sleeve up some cards to see how far he can go. Time for another Duelist Profile!


Dimitri Bellaiche drove here from Paris, France

Dimitri Bellaiche drove here from Paris, France


How did you get here, Dimitri?
Dimitri: It took us roughly 3 hours. I drove a couple of my friends here, one of them is acting as a Judge this weekend.


What do you think about Sealed Pack Play in general?
Dimitri: It's a very fun experience because there's no defined metagame. You need to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and this means that a lot of players can do well that haven't been successful before. Some of them were simply missing the cards they needed while others couldn't adapt to the metagame.


Do you have some advice for less experienced players on how to do well at these events?
Dimitri: It's important to know the rules about the Damage Step so you can hold on to your best cards and trigger them in the right moment. This can often make the difference and give you an edge!


It sounds like you're having a good time this weekend. Would you enroll in such a tournament again?
Dimitri: Yes, absolutely. If I'll get another opportunity, I'll definitely try Sealed Pack Play again since I enjoy it a lot.


What else will you be doing this weekend?
Dimitri: I also want to enroll in some Public Events at some point since I really like what Konami did with the new Limited and Forbidden Card List. It seems like the format is wide open and some Decks that haven't seen play lately could make a strong comeback, e.g. Zombies or Blackwings.


What do you think about the fact that the list will (roughly) change every 4 months from now on?
Dimitri: Oh yes, I like that too. It gives you more chances to try different Decks and go for various strategies. Some Decks that need tweaking might not work as well anymore since you simply do not get the time to make them adapt for the respective metagame, but I'll still try out some more creative ideas.


What are your plans for the future, will we see you again at YCS London?
Dimitri: I will not make it to London as my wife is expecting our child at around that time. However, I hope that I can attend a YCS later this year, maybe in December, and probably show up as a Judge again.


Oh, wow, congratulations! It would be nice to see you again later this year, so let's hope for another YCS in December!