Duelist Profile: Enzo Duval

26.10.2014 | 14:44 |
Enzo Duval is a French Duelist and doing well so far. He won the last Round and earned himself a spot in Top 32. We asked him for a Duelist Profile.


Enzo Duval


What Deck are you playing today?
I chose to bring a Shaddoll Deck to this event. I thought it to be the best Deck at the moment and I felt really confident with it. It’s a French build using an enlarged Artifact engine.


I saw your Deck looks different than the usual Shaddoll build?
Instead of only running Artifact Moralltach and Artifact Sanctum I’m playing Artifact Ignition and Artifact Beagalltach as well. Reason being that it allows me to perform really explosive plays at my opponents turn. I also have more options in my Extra Deck. I can go into Constellar Pleiades or Artifact Durendal. Artifact Durendal allows me to esablish a soft loock with Vanity's Emptiness.
It's really difficult to break, because my opponent has to get rid of Vanity's Emptiness first and afterwards he has to deal with Artifact Durendal. If I'm also running one copy of Double Cyclone.


What were your goals heading into this event?
I came here to win. I’ve topped some YCS tournaments before and this time I want to win my first YCS.


Any final words?
I have a funny story to tell. I started Day 2 with a X:2 record so, in order to have a chance of topping, I needed to win all my remaining games. Unfortunately I was late for the start of Round 9. One minute later and I would receive a Match Loss. I still won the game and am undefeated since. I was really lucky to make it!