Duelist Profile: Enzo Vicento

15.07.2016 | 13:36 |
In case you missed your Nationals or didn’t manage to qualify there is still a chance here in Berlin to snatch in the Main Event. Enzo is one of our first WCQ: Last Chance Qualifiers winners here in Berlin. Please read on to find out how he feels about the Last Chance Qualifiers.


Enzo Vicento
Name: Enzo Vicento Age: 21 Country: Netherlands, Zoetermeer What Deck did play today? Extra Deck Monarch, it’s the only Deck I had. First, I was playing Super Quantums, but due to the release of Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries I quit playing the Deck. Who was your toughest opponent today? That was the finals of the LCQ. We went into overtime and I was able to win in my last turn of the overtime. I played Twin Twisters on my own Return of the Monarchs to go into Number 61: Volcasaurus and burn a Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer for game. Did you play at Nationals? I did play but got very unlucky. My record was 4:2 after Day 1 and I went 0:3 on Day 2. That was unfortunate. How do you feel about Last Chance Qualifiers? I think it’s great. I took a shot to hope and qualify and I’m happy I can attend the Main Event tomorrow. Any last words? I want to give Shoutouts to Team Kappa Kappa which are Marijn, Johnny, Devon, Robbin , Stefan, JJ and Bruce for testing so much with me, and Gijs for hosting our locals