Duelist Profile: Kevin Langenberg

06.12.2014 | 13:47 |

This time we would like to present you the Dutch National Champion of 2014 Kevin Langenberg. He is 24 years old and studies Corporate Communication. We had a good laugh and a fine interview with his friends, see for yourself!
Kevin Langenberg
[b] What Deck are you playing today?[/b]
[quote] I don’t feel all too comfortable with the actual format. I had troubles finding a deck that fits my style of play. I still decided to run Burning Abyss today, because I feel like it has the best Match-Ups and [fire lake] is such a strong addition to the archetype. [dante] itself is already a win condition making access to the trap so easy.[/quote]
[b] What were your goals for YCS Milan?[/b]
[quote] Truth is I mainly came here for the fun. I would be happy to top, but hanging out with my friends and having a good time is more than enough for me. So far we are having a great time here in Milan![/quote]
[b] When did you start playing the [ygotcg]?[/b]
[quote] I started playing in 2010. Prior to that I have been collecting the cards ever since 2002. A good friend of mine invited me to start playing competitively, I did so and turned out to be a really solid player! Wining the National Championship was a big achievement for me. [/quote]
[b] Any final words? [/b]
[quote] So far the event was going great for me. I really surprised by the high number of players today. Didn’t expect that much. Last but not least I hope that Wytze stays in the tournament longer than last time. He deserves some success as well.[/quote]
It was really nice to see how close he and his friends were. They all shared their passion for [ygotcg] and have a good time travelling to events!