Duelist Profile: Kuwait Duelists Return!

07.09.2014 | 17:03 |
You may or may not remember that back in February at YCS Berlin we met a group of Duelists from Kuwait. Well this time, eight of them have made the trip back across from the Middle East to once again compete with Europe's elite!




This is the second time this group of friends have travelled from Kuwait and they wanted to make it clear who it is down to!
How has the Yu-Gi-Oh! scene in Kuwait grown since we last spoke?
Aziz is the owner of the only shop in Kuwait where you can get Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. It's thanks to him that we get to play so we owe him everything. It has become like a family where there is 70 or 80 people who come and attend. We have had people from all over the Middle East including Saudi Arabia come to play at the shop!

What has your second YCS experience been like?
We love it so much. It's great experience and a great time for all of us. We learned a lot from when we came to play at Berlin and more again this time. We really want to come back again to YCS Milan so you will probably see us there!

What were the Decks of choice this time around?
Three of us came with Shaddoll, two with Tellarknight, one with Monarch, one with HAT and one with a Skill Drain Deck (we apologise for him!)

Is the meta back in Kuwait the same as it is here?
Not at all! In Kuwait you are playing the same people a lot of the time so Decks end up tailored to try and counter other people's Decks and you end up with a lot of anti-meta and very Trap-heavy Decks.

How did you all do in the YCS this time?
Two of us were in it until the final Swiss round! The others went out earlier but Khaled won a WCQ: Regional today with Shaddoll!

That's great, what did you have to play against?
I had two really tough matches, one against Shaddoll Artifact and one against Batteryman! The Batteryman player tried to OTK me but I was lucky and got a Soul Charge from the top of my Deck which let me win the game!

Congratulations to all of our Duelists from Kuwait once again and we will see you in Milan!