Up-and-Coming Duelist: Logan Schmidt from Germany

Logan Schmidt attracted our attention late in Day 1 when we saw him sitting on our top tables, being one of the youngest Duelists in the Main Event. On Sunday he continued his winning streak and we decided to ask him vor an interview after Round 10!

Logan Schmidt[abstand]
Logan is only 9 years old and entered the Main Event with his most favorite deck: Gren Maju with Golden Castle of Stromberg. He started playing the deck in 2018 and started getting good results with hit. He changes the deck from event to event, depending in the metagame he is expecting. The core of the deck stays the same and that’s why he’s getting better every event.

He came to Utrecht with his father Björn Schmidt who was a successful Duelist himself. Björn was playing the game competitively more than 10 years ago, making it all the way to the finals at Pharaoh Tour Vienna. In 2013 he quit the game, but his son made him come back again! In 2016 they were watching the Anime and Björn asked Logan if he would be interested in playing the real card game. They bought two started decks and started dueling! From this day on Logan’s interest was sparked!

Björn is running the same deck for Utrecht, card for card, but his record is only 5:4. When I asked them why Logan does so much better in the event, they answered in unison: because Logan is taking more risk. Logan is far more aggressive in removing his own cards. In situations where Björn starts tom contemplate over his next move, Logan believes in the heart of the cards and it seems to pay off! For example, there was a situation on Saturday when Logan had two more Gren Maju in his deck. He activated Trade In to draw two cards and topdecked one of his Gren Maju’s for the win. Fortune smiles on him this weekend!

Initially, Logan entered the Main Event just for fun and wanted to play the Dragon Duel on Sunday. Now, with his 7:3 record, he is still competing for a place in Top 64! His plan is to concentrate on the next round and, in case he loses, switch to the Dragon Duel. Logan is no stranger to high level dueling. This is his 5th big event and seems to be enjoying them a lot. The good thing about having a father that’s into the game as well is: you can playtest together and work on your decks together. But he plays [ygo] for the fun in the first place!

Logan is already looking forward to the new Rulings Update. He is likely to play a different deck then since YXZ- and Fusion Monsters will be a lot easier to summon. He is even considering adding Cyber Stein to his Gren Maju deck! It’s so easy to gain Life Points in his deck using Soul Absorption that it’s no problem at all to pay two or even three times in a row. Wow, that sounds amazing and we are already curious how this will turn out!

Last but not least, Logan wants to give shoutouts to hir Team Next Level Card Gaming, his mum, his grandparents and to all of his classmates!

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