Duelist Profile: Lungisa Takane

Lungisa Takane is the reigning South African National Champion. I’m pretty sure he’s the one with the longest trip to get to Berlin. He had to travel halfway around the world in order to compete at the WCQ. We asked him for an interview in order to find out what’s going on in South Africa.

Lungisa Takane[abstand]
[b] What Deck are you playing today?[/b]
[quote] I’m running Odd Eyes Majespecter for the event. I feel like it’s very consistent and I’m able to beat every other deck in the current metagame. It doesn’t have any bad Match-Ups and I can’t really brick that hard. Until now I haven’t lost a game yet, so my record is 2:0. Round 1 I beat Extra Deck Monarch and Round 2 I faced Satellarknights with a maindecked [rivalry]. That didn’t hurt me a lot. [/quote]

[b] How would you describe the community in South Africa?[/b]
[quote] I live in Cape Town. At my locals there are usually 12 – 15 players. All of us are very close. We meet there every Sunday to play and have fun. Still, we are also very competitive. Four of us travel to all the events and nationals as well. This year we had 63 players at our Nationals which is an average number.

[b] How was your travel?[/b]
[quote] Travel was ok. My longest flight was 10 hours from Johannesburg to Munich. I had to switch planes twice. Even though Konami paid my flight, it is very expensive for me to get here. I had to get a Visa and pay transfer costs. Yesterday I got lost in Berlin. I tried to find an ATM and had to get an Uber to get back to my hotel.
[b] How did you prepare for WCQ?[/b]
[quote] I playtested against a lot of decks and played them myself to figure out all their pros and cons. I wanted to know their plays by heart. I also did a lot of online research to see European decklists and get into the mind of the European players.[/quote]

[b] What were your goals heading into this event?[/b]
[quote] My main goal is to win and earn a spot at Worlds. Whenever I enter an event I focus on winning the whole thing. If I should not be able to win, second place is fine as well. [/quote]

[b] Any final words? [/b]
[quote] I’m enjoying my time here in Germany. I will meet a good friend of mine who is staying in Amsterdam at the moment. I’m looking forward to see him again.

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