Duelist Profile: The Quinsee Brothers

26.10.2014 | 14:37 |

Right after the last Round of Swiss I met up with the Quinsee brothers. Both have been doing pretty good so far at this event. At the time of writing, Luke is holding an X:2 record whereas Jake is X:1.
Quinsee Brothers[abstand]
[b] How did you get in touch with the [ygotcg]?[/b]
[quote][b]Luke:[/b] Jake started playing and introduced me to the game when I was in primary school. I kept on playing when he already lost interest, but he soon came back to it.[br]
[b]Jake:[/b] Since Luke never stopped playing I came back to the game a few years ago. We both attended the 100th YCS in Long Beach and managed to top the event. [/quote]
Both are showing an impressive record of YCS and National Championship accomplishments. Jake was even able to list off their achievements one-by-one. There are too many to mention here but being the 2011 National Champion (Jake) was one of the highlights.[abstand]
[b] What Deck did you take to compete in YCS London? [/b]
[quote][b]Luke:[/b] I decided to run Satellarknights today. I prefer to play slower Decks and control the board. I also like to play a lot of backrow. With [rota] now at 3 the Deck gained a lot of consistency.[br]
[b]Jake:[/b] I brought Burning Abyss to the event. I thought it would increase my chances of topping this event, because it is very consistent and I can play the best Traps for free.[/quote]
[b] Does it help having your brother? [/b]
[quote] We playtest a lot together. It definitely helps to improve as a player. We keep on pushing each other learning a lot while playing each other. It is a very beneficial relationship. We also discussing our plays a lot, giving each other feedback. [/quote]
[b] Where do play usually? [/b]
We have a local store where we meet up. They manage to gather around fourty players on a regular basis. In two weeks we will be playing our Regionals there.[/quote]
[b] Any last words? [/b]
[quote][b]Luke:[/b] I really enjoy YCS London. It’s a good location to host a YCS since you can visit Comic Con as well.[br]
[b]Jake:[/b] I wish we could get YCS at Manchester or Birmingham. This would be great! [/quote]