Duelist Profile: YCS First Timers from Italy!

01.12.2013 | 9:55 |

Many of the 1326 competitors here in Turin are battle-hardened Duelists. But for some of them this is their very first YCS, just like it is for Riccardo Bonisoli , 14 and Francesco Delli Carri, 17 from Italy. Yesterday – right before we closed the venue – I had the great opportunity to chat a little bit with both of them.


Riccardo and Francesco became close friends thanks to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.


[b]Hey you! How are you doing today?[/b]

[quote][b]Riccardo:[/b] I was doing quite well until last round. I was 4:3 in competition but lost the last match of the day.

[b]Francesco:[/b] Actually I am a little bit disappointed. I dropped out with a standing of 2:5. I hoped I would do better. Naturally I do not like losing.[/quote]


[b]But you don’t look like you are disappointed!?[/b]

[quote][b]Francesco:[/b] We still hat a great time. I made a lot of good trades and right now I’m very close to finishing my Constellar Deck. I was able to trade for 3 [con pol], 3 [con kaus], 1 [con som] and 2 [con ple]! Maybe I will get the other cards tomorrow! At least I hope to.[/quote]


[b]Why do you want to collect all the Constellar?[/b]

[quote][b]Francesco:[/b] I like the cool combos of the Deck. It is easy to Summon strong monsters. And they are so powerful. The Deck is quite similar to Riccardo’s Evilswarm.[/quote]


[b]So Riccardo, you are playing Evilswarm today?[/b]

[quote][b]Riccardo:[/b] Yes. I also like the style of putting 2 monsters on the board and then being able to Xyz Summon [ev oph] or any other Rank 4 Xyz Monster. I like the Xyz Monsters.[/quote]


[b]Overall: Did you like the event?[/b]

[quote][b]Riccardo:[/b] We met so many other great people! It was a lot of fun.

[b]Francesco:[/b] I like the Game Mats we got. It is a very good gift.[/quote]


[b]Since when are you playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG?[/b]

[quote][b]Francesco:[/b] Oh. Almost 10 years now. But we never attended any big tournament. We only played in our local hobby store. Then we decided to do the trip and go for it.[/quote]


[b]Why did you decide it was time for something new and big?[/b]

[quote][b]Riccardo:[/b] I wanted to test my skill. Here are so many different Decks I can play against.[/quote]


[b]How did you get here?[/b]

[quote][b]Riccardo:[/b] We live in Milan. It was easiest to get here by car. We took it with some other friends. We all know each other from our local store. By playing Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG we became close friends and now we are planing to travel to some other events as well.[/quote]


[b]One last question: What do you like about playing Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG?[/b]

[quote][b]Francesco:[/b] I like the combos! And you meet a lot of cool people.

[b]Riccardo:[/b] You have to think about your move. You can do a lot of different things every turn. Often you have to find out, which Xyz Monster is the best right now.[/quote]