Duelist Profile: Slovenian Duellists

25.10.2014 | 15:59 |

Browsing through the crowd we spotted some Slovenian Duellists competing at YCS London. We asked them for an interview. See what they have to tell.
Slovenian Duellists

[b] Tell us something about the Slovenian [ygo] community?[/b]
The community in Slovenia is rather small. We have approximately 200 active players. There is only one spot where there are tournaments on a regular basis; usually once per month. So we have to travel a lot to play the [ygotcg] competitively. That’s why we are here! [/quote]
[b] Why do you play [ygo]? [/b]
[quote] Some of us already started about 10 years ago, some are rather new to the game. We stick to the game because we enjoy the community feeling. Being together, doing something we like. Another thing is that we love to compete and see how we are developing as players. The great thing about the YCS is the travelling. We get to see many different cities and meet people. That’s great! [/quote]
[b] How do you prepare for events like a YCS? [/b]
[quote] We used to playtest a lot with our friends at home in order to be prepared as best as we can. Most of us are playing a Satellarknight version with a maindecked [sim]. We are doing quite good so far. [/quote]
[b] How do you feel about the impact of [quasar] on the game? [/b]
[quote] It won’t change a lot. People will be trying to play the deck, make it work somehow, but the combo is really hard to pull off. You need to many cards to bring [quasar] out consistently. [/quote][abstand]
[b] Any last words? [/b]
[quote] We are really happy that we could grab some of the Comic Con Exclusive Game Mats. They look great! [/quote]