European Duelist Standings after Round 3

[p]Time to see how well our European Duelists are doing so far this weekend. The American team will post the full standings soon but here they are for now with just the Duelists from Europe contained within. Let’s see how they’re faring![/p]

Some of the UK contingent here today (l to r): Luke Quinsee, Richard ''Rick'' Cherry, Danny Jackson and Simon Dewhurst.

Rank Player Points
7 Jackson, Daniel 9
42 Cherry, Richard 9
160 Schumacher, Merlin 9
205 He, Simon 9
277 Wystrach, Rene Michael 9
322 Drake, Simon James Christopher 9
332 Kluitenberg, Hendrik Wytze 9
332 Schaub, Lukas 9
348 Schmelz, Nikolas 9
737 Jarchow, Daniela 6
807 Kalischer, Marian David 6
935 Quinsee, Luke J. 6
1092 Northway, George 6
1159 Amaranayake, Gehan 6
1242 Lennard, Luke 6
1338 Harris, Joel 6
1486 Watabiki, Thomas 6
1592 Dewhurst, Simon Andrew 6
1626 Hickey, Brad 6
1962 Schmelz, Myron 4
2157 Schneider, Dennis 3
2333 Schwenzer, Stephan H. 3
2520 Hodgson, Christopher W 3
2940 Brewer, Dennis B. 0
2940 Harris, Tegan Amy 0

This is pretty much all of the European Duelists attending the 100th YCS this weekend. There may be a few more, but with over 4000 Duelists in the event it’s getting harder and harder to find them all! As predicted from seeing people register on Friday, the vast majority of them are from the UK, though we have a few from other European regions as well. With 9 points being the maximum from 3 rounds so far we’ve got quite a few who are undefeated.[/p]

[p]Check back again later to see if any are closer to making the playoffs![/p]

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