Exclusive Reveal: The Ordeal of a Traveler Game Mat!

25.10.2014 | 16:54 |

If you have been watching our {stream} today you may have noticed a special video we produced discussing Organised Play, discussing past events and looking ahead to the future. One of the cool things about this video was that we did an exclusive reveal of a prize that many Duelists have been eagerly awaiting, the Ordeal of a Traveler Game Mat, which you can see above!
Back in January, we unveiled the Ordeal of a Traveler program, roviding the most determined of Duelists with a very special reward. If a Duelist attends every European [ycs] event this year, they will earn this exclusive Burning Abbyss-themed Game Mat, which they will obtain at YCS Milan this December. To recap, here are the events that the winning Duelists will have attended by the end of the year:


  • [ycs] Berlin (Germany)
  • [ycs] Paris (France)
  • [ycs] Madrid (Spain)
  • [ycs] London (United Kingdom)
  • [ycs] Milan (Italy)


As you can see, that’s a lot of fine cities to have visited! At the moment, just under 100 Duelists are still in the running to earn this unique reward, and that number could be even more exclusive by the end of the year. The Ordeal of a Traveler Game Mat is sure to be a cherished collectible for those that have earned it, as it represents the huge amount of dedication they have to the [ygotcg], the many Duels they have competed in and new friends they have made on their journey.
Congratulations to those have make it to every event, and as always, we’d like to thank you all for making the [ycs] so special!