Far from Home Talk: Marcel Hansch from AUSTRIA

Although a lesser known face by the Australian scene, European power house Marcel Hansch was going on a world tour which happened to stop by Sydney around the time of the YCS. So of course, he made a pit stop to come play. Marcel has played at multiple YCS around the world and has topped several times back home in Europe, as well as making top cut at the team YCS in Lima not long before embarking on his world tour. He has plans to do well in this country as well and has agreed to sit down and talk about his tour with us.


far from home marcel

Hey Marcel, how are you feeling about this weekend?

I’m feeling really good and glad to be here. I’m excited to play at a YCS so far from home.


How long did it take you to get here?

I came from Sri Lanka so only 12 hours away but it would be over 24 hours if I came from Vienna. It wasn’t too bad.


What deck are you playing?

I am playing Salamangreat because I think it’s got the best match up against Orcust which is what everyone else is going to be playing!


When did you decide on this deck and what other decks did you consider?

I considered playing Orcust myself but a few days ago I decided Salamangreat would be the better option.


How do you approach big events and what is your goal?

My goal is to win a YCS and to win my National Championship and of course eventually go to the World Championship. The same dream every Yu-Gi-Oh! player has honestly.  I test a lot and theorise a lot about the game with my close friends and team mates. We make sure to cover every possible option to give us the best chance to win.


How do you stay on top of your game through the long day?

Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. You also want to eat healthy on the day and get a lot of sleep the night before. The most important part is to stay relaxed!


How long have played this game and how did you improve to get where you are today?

I have played competitively since August 2018 and I improved by playing a lot, traveling a lot and talking to a lot of players. The most important thing is to keep playing and improve. You need the motivation to get better.


What would be one piece of advice you would give to aspiring players?

My piece of advice is to that motivation is the most important aspect. You need to stay in contact with players who are better than you so you can learn a lot. You need to focus more on the things you’re doing badly than the things you’re doing well in order to improve.


Which locals do you play at and what is it like?

I don’t play any locals sorry. I’m very competitive and only play big tournaments.


Any shoutouts or final words?


Shoutout to all my friends in Team GYM and all my friends from Austria, my family and Emilie who has been travelling with me. Also Raphael Neven who is the only other European at this event.


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