Feature Match: Dragon Duel Final

We are here in the finals of the Dragon Duel Championship. We have Gabriele Scialpi from Italy versus Shaun Aliwalas from Ireland. Both players already earned their Worlds invite, but there can only be one Champion!

Shaun Aliwalas[abstand]
Shaun wins the die roll and opts to start the finals! He starts off by activating [terraforming] searching for [iris]. He followed by normal summoning [ma kyu] and searches [ma tem]. He tributes [ma kyu] for [iris] and searches [pp keyboard]. [pp keyboard] adds [pp sj] to the hand and he completes his scales to pendulum summon [odd eyes]. After that he sets two [st] and ends his turn.
Gabriele actives [allure] and banishes [ba cir] to complete the effect. He follows by [twisters] and destroys both backrow cards. [tour] is summoned and [ba graff] hits the field. [dante] enters and is upgraded to [beatrice] immediately. She attacks into [odd eyes] and triggers all the Burning Abyss monsters effects. Gabriele summons [pilgrim] of [beatrice] and keeps on attacking directly. Still in the Battle Phase Gabriele activates [pilgrim] to draw a card and summon [ba cir] to the field and attack once more. That’s true mastery of Burning Abyss. [foolish] announces Main Phase 2 and sends [pk boots] to the graveyard, which is banished immediately to add [pk fog] to his hand. Gabriele sets one [st] and searches [ba farfa] in the end phase.

Shaun draws to two cards in hand and asks for a translation of [pilgrim]. He’s considering his options now and starts off by activating the effect of [iris]. He tributes [pp sj] and searches for [pp uni] to add it to his hand. This completes the scales yet again and he normal summons [wis eye] and plays [hole]. Gabriele decides to chain the effect of [pilgrim] discarding [ba farfa] and drawing a card and through [ba cir] he summons back [dante] to the field.
Shaun pendulum summons 4 monsters and searches for [ma tem]. He overlays into [101] and tries to absorb [dante]. Unfortunately he is in defence position. So all he can do was set one [st] and pass.

Gabriele discards [ba lib] to summon [beatrice]. Shaun wants to respond with [ma tem] which is fine. Gabriele summons [virgil] with [beatrice]. [virgil] sends back one monster. His next move is to summon [sr terror] to search [sr take] and go into [leviair]. [dante] hit the field yet again with the help of Phantom Knights. He overlays [leviair] and [dante] to summon [lvl0] and the following attacks wipe out all of Shaun’s lifepoints.
[h2]Gabriele proves his true mastery of the Burning Abyss deck. [/h2]
Shaun is digging in his Side Board for options that might give him the edge in Game 2. He opens Game 2 with the follwowing hand:
Shaun decides to go first in Game 2. He normal summons [pp sj] and searches for [pp keyboard]. This adds [pp uni] to his hand. [p call] discarding [odd eyes] adds [xiangke] and [oafdra mag] to his hand. He pendulum summons two monsters and sets a [st].

Gabriele draws and activates [twisters] in his Standby Phase to hit [decree] and [pp uni]. He special summons [sr take] and [sr terror]. This prompts Shaun to activate the effect of [flyingc] trying to stop Gabriele dead in his tracks. But he has the perfect answer in the form auf [ba alich]. He normal summons [ba alich] and negates the effect of [flyingc]. Then he uses his opponents [flyingc] to overlay into [leviair] and summon back [pk boots]. Next, he overlays into [pk break] and attacks [pp sj]. In Main Phase 2 he destroys [pk break] and [xiangke].

Shaun draws and Gabriele asks for Standby Phase. He activates [asf] so all that’s left to do for Shaun is attack with [oafdra mag] which is halted by [pk fog]. He passes.
Gabriele starts his turn by banishing [pk fog] to search. [leviair] returns [pk boots] back to the field. The second [pk break] of the day destroys the last monster of Shaun. Now Gabriele is calculating lifepoints. He brings back [pk break] through [pk fog] and the attacks are good. Shaun drops to 2200 lifepoints.

Shaun draws his third card and ponders his option. It seems like [asf] is really giving him a hard time. He’s shaking his head and offers the handshake.
[h2]Congratulations! Gabriele Scialpi is our Dragon Duel Champion![/h2]

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