Feature Match Round 4: Mahedi Shareef vs. Yohann Descamps

Facing each other in round 4 are Mahedi Shareef from Berlin, Germany and Yohann Descamps from Paris, France. Shareef quickly pointed out that he wasn’t piloting Machina this time, however, he’s still running a lot of Machines. His deck’s packed with Gadgets along some more typical Anti elements like [dck], [ro], and so on. Descamps was putting his money on an Absolute Zero build, a deck few players were prepared for.

Mahedi Shareef was feeling confident even though he didn't play Machinas this time!
Mahedi Shareef was feeling confident even though he didn't play Machinas this time!

Shareef won the die roll and opted to go first. He did so by Summoning [red] and Descamps breathed out heavily. He said he was happy he didn’t have to face another Gladiator Beast deck. Shareef Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and passed.

Descamps Summoned [arma], but Shareef had [warning]. The Knight bit the dust, Descamps Set spells or traps on his own and passed.

[red] attacked directly and Descamps let the attack go through. In Main Phase 2, [green] was Summoned and Shareef added another Gadget from his deck to his hand. He followed it up by activating [reckless] and Descamps was also fine with that. After Setting 2 Spell or Trap Cards Shareef was done with his turn.

Descamps had [diva] and it got him [gillman] from his Deck. He Tuned both of his monsters to [catastor] and declared an attack, but Shareef showed [mf]. Descamps seemed to be a little disappointed that Shareef had all the answers…

Gadgets and Reckless Greed in action
Gadgets and Reckless Greed in action

Play was back to Shareef. He wanted to enter the Battle Phase and declared an attack with [yellow], but Descamps flipped a [mf] of his own and cleared the field! Shareef thought for a second before Summoning [dck] and passing his turn.

Descamps Summoned another [diva] and opted to activate its effect. This triggered [dck]’s effect and both monsters hit the Graveyard. Descamps was happy.

Shareef Summoned [kycoo] and attacked directly. The attack went through and this allowed him to remove both [arma] and [catastor] from Descamps’ Graveyard.

So far, it seemed like only Shareef was taking an active role in this game, but Descamps was about to change that! He activated [trunade] and returned Shareef’s Set Spell or Trap Card to his hand. He then used [rota], fetching him [stratos] from his deck. Next, he Summoned the Elemental Hero, which got him [mali] and then he activated [ddraw], ditching the Destiny Hero he just searched out. He drew into 2 fresh cards, sent [stratos] into [kycoo] (both monsters traded) and passed.

Shareef had [yellow] which got him [green] from his deck. He attacked directly, which left Descamps with 4900 Life Points and passed.

Not quite the Royal Flush, but variety is better anyway!
Not quite the Royal Flush, but variety is better anyway!

Descamps Summoned [tomato], but Shareef welcomed him to the old school and revealed [trap hole]! However, Descamps was far from being out of options! He activated [miracle fusion] which got him [zero]! He attacked over the Gadget and passed after Setting a Spell or Trap Card.

[ground] got rid of [zero]. Shareef Sumoney [green] next and attacked directly. It seemed like the minimalistic approach to this Duel, but would it be enough?

It turned out it wasn’t; Descamps had [duality], revealing [caius], [diva] and [future]. He had to think about it for a second, but ultimately decided to pick [future] after checking his Grave. Next, he wanted to activate [future], however, Shareef thought that this wasn’t possible (because of the effect of [duality]). A judge was called and ruled that it wasn’t possible. Descamps wasn’t entirely sold on the ruling and used his right to appeal. What I found quite remarkable: Both players were continuing to talk in a very friendly manner and there were no hard feelings involved. This seemed like a game of professionals.

Head Judge Hartmut Glücker ruled that it wasn’t possible to activate [future], however, he wanted to double check to be perfectly sure. A quick look at the rulings documents confirmed his initial ruling. Descamps then Summoned [grepher] and attacked over the Machine before passing his turn.

Shareef's hand featured no Trap Cards.
Shareef's hand featured no Trap Cards.

Shareef was far from being out of options. With 4 cards left in his hand, he had to think for a minute before activating [mst] on [warning]. He followed it up with [hole], brought out [red] and did NOT use the effect, he attacked directly and play was back to Descamps.

The French player Special Summoned [dad]! A card I haven’t seen in a while. He used the effect of the devastating Dragon to get rid of the Gadget. Still in his Main Phase 1, he activated [future] and revealed [zero] before sending [diva] and [dude] to the Graveyard. He then attacked directly which left Shareef with only 1500 Life Points!

Shareef drew for his turn, but didn’t take more than 3 seconds to come to the conclusion that he couldn’t turn this game around. Descamps had left him in a very weak position so he shuffled up his cards.

Dark Armed Dragon allows Johann Descamps to win the first Duel!

This Duel was like a learning lesson. Descamps always kept his cool and didn’t care too much about the little damage that Shareef inflicted with the attacks of his Machines. He waited for the right moment to strike, brought out his first trump card, [zero], and after Shareef had to use his removal for the threat, Descamps followed it up with [dad], winning him the game!

Yohann Descamps, always keeping his cool!
Yohann Descamps, always keeping his cool!

Shareef opened the game and simply Set 4 Spell or Trap Cards.

Descamps’ showed a little more variety, activating [duality], which revealed [grepher], [plague] and [sangan]. [sangan] won the race, then [gillman] was Summoned and attacked directly, leaving Shareef with 6200 Life Points. Descamps Set 3 Spell or Trap Cards and passed his turn.

Shareef just Set a 5th Spell or Trap Card and play was back to Descamps.

The French player attacked with [gillman] directly and Set a Spell or Trap Card in Main Phase 2.

I can sense an absence of Heavy Storm in the format...
I can sense an absence of Heavy Storm in the format...

Shareef freed up one of his Spell and Trap Card Zones by activating [reckless]. He drew into 2 fresh cards and activated [ground] to get rid of [gillman]. He Set a 5th spell or trap again and passed. Remember this turn, it will be important later!

Descamps simply Summoned [sangan] and attacked directly before passing.

There seemed to be nothing Shareef could do, so he simply passed without an action.

Again, it was [sangan] who was sent into the battle. Shareef wasn’t happy and considered his options twice, but he eventually decided to use [mf] for the little Fiend. No reaction from Descamps, who simply grabbed his Deck and got himself a copy of [diva]. In Main Phase 2, [dude] was Summoned and Shareef had no response. The effect revealed [plague] and Descamps was done with his turn.

Shareef activated [ground] to get rid of [dude], but Descamps Chained [bom]. Shareef tried his best to suppress a sigh but didn’t quite succeed. He passed again.

Descamps Flip Summoned [dude]. He followed it up by Summoning [stratos].

Torrential was Shareef's only out!
Torrential was Shareef's only out!

Shareef had [tt], but Descamps had [sj]. However, the Chain was still not resolving as Shareef showed a copy of [sj] of his own! This cleared the field. So far, so good (for Shareef). Descamps activated [miracle fusion] and Shareef wanted to use [warning] to counter it, however, Descamps pointed out he didn’t have enough Life Points left. Shareef claimed he had enough Life Points, so a judge was called to go over the Life totals with both players. We learned that Shareef missed the effect of [gillman], making it a 1700 ATK monster (Descamps was playing a French copy of the card). Therefore, Shareef did in fact not have enough Life Points to pay for [warning], so [zero] hit the field!

Next up was [grepher]; Descamps ditched [mali] to Special Summon it through its own effect. Descamps used the effect of [mali] to bring out another copy, but Shareef had [wrath] to negate the effect. The attacks went through and Shareef was closer to the loss than ever.

In his turn, Shareef only Set a Monster Card and passed.

Descamps Summoned [diva] and Shareef immediately shuffled up his cards.

Yohann Descamps wins the match!

I asked Descamps after the match what he thought was the most important move in the second Duel. He quickly replied that he saw an opening when Shareef used [reckless], but didn’t follow it up with a monster. He knew that he had to switch gears and go on the offense at that point!

His read was correct and eventually won him the game. Something like this can be huge, knowing when to go “all in” and force through some Battle Damage can easily be the deciding factor in a Duel.

One more thing; both players wanted to send out some greetings: Mahedi wants to greet his friends Marcel, Dominik Barz and his family!

Yohann wants to greet his good friends and his family!

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