Feature Match Round 9: Roland Gress vs. Sebastien Gonzales

The first big match of the day was held by Roland Gress (Blackwings) and Sebastien Gonzales (X-Sabers). Roland Gress is a very popular Duelist in Germany as he has already won a lot of big tournaments, including the German Championship. Sebastien Gonzales also won the Nationals in Belgium twice and did two Top 4 appearances at the European Championships 2009 and 2010 (and hence he has already participated in the Worlds). After both players finished shuffling their opponent’s Deck, they rolled a die and it turned out Gress would be able to start the Match as his “6” beat Gonzales’ “1” by far.

Would he be able to beat Gonzales' X-Sabers?
Would he be able to beat Gonzales' X-Sabers?

Gress opened the game by Summoning [bora] and Setting three Spells/Traps.

Gonzales activated [duality] and revealed [bogknight], [fulhelm] and [bom]. He decided to add [bogknight] to his hand and shuffled the remaining two cards back into his Deck. He then went on with a Set monster and a Set Spell/Trap, after all he ended his turn.

Gress simply proceeded by attacking the face-down monster, [darksoul]. Then, he Set another Spell/Trap and play was back to Gonzales who first added [pashuul] to his hand thanks to the effect of [darksoul] to which Gress responded with [delta crow] which destroyed the Set [tt].

Gonzales activated [cw] which made Gress really uncomfortable, hereon he Summoned [bogknight] followed by [pashuul]. He used those monsters to Synchro Summon [hyunlei] which destroyed Gress’ three Spells/Traps back row and subsequently destroyed [bora] by battle.

Gress now had to make up for something after he had lost all his four cards in just one turn! He Summoned [blizzard] and brought [bora] back to his side of the field, then he wanted to activate [mind control] but it turned out he had forgotten about [cw]. So he could only Tune his two monsters to [goyo] which attacked [hyunlei] and took control of it afterwards.

Gonzales now Set all his hand cards: A monster and three Spells/Traps.

Gress changed [hyunlei]’s battle position, then he attacked Gonzales’ face-down [emmersblade] with [goyo] and thought for a while whether he should take control of [emmersblade] too or not. Eventually, checking Gonzales’ Graveyard for a while, he decided not to. So, Gonzales used [emmersblade]’s effect in order to Special Summon [darksoul]. Gress now wasn’t sure whether it was smart to attack [darksoul]; again, he checked all cards he had access to until he proceeded with his Main Phase 2, when he Set two Spells/Traps. In his End Phase, Gonzales activated his Set [b]Gottoms’ Emergency Call[/b] in order to Special Summoned [pashuul] and [darksoul].

Now, Gonzales considered his Extra Deck. Then, he Tuned all his three monsters to [stardust] and wanted to attack [hyunlei] to which Gress responded with his [bom]. Gonzales Set another Monster Card beneath his [stardust] and after having used the effects of his two [darksoul]s which added [bogknight] and [pashuul] to his hand, he ended.

Gress drew [kalut], an interesting card in this situation. He had several options, he could use his [mind control] on [stardust] in order to attack the Set monster and maybe Gonzales’ Life Points directly, but he could also Set [kalut] and activate his face-down [icarus attack]. He concluded to do the latter and managed to destroy Gonzales’ two cards back row in this way: [bom] and [warning]! So, he could simply attack [stardust] with [goyo] and thereon take control of it. He didn’t proceed by attacking the Set monster but ended his turn after that.

Was this another XX-Saber Darksoul lying face-down?
Was this another XX-Saber Darksoul lying face-down?

Gonzales now was left with three cards in his hand (of which two Gress already knew) and one face-down Monster Card. Also, he knew that the only thing Gress still had left was his [mind control] which he failed to activate a few turns before. Hence, he Summoned [bogknight] and [pashuul], then flipped [darksoul], Synchro Summoned [x-saber gottoms] and overran [goyo]. After that, he Set his last card and during the End Phase, he added [emmersblade] to his hand thanks to [darksoul].

Gress drew [mst], he decided to activate his [mind control] to gain control of Gonzales’ [x-saber gottoms] and attacked him directly with [hyunlei]. Then, he proceeded with [stardust] and eventually Tributed [hyunlei] for [x-saber gottoms]’ effect and got rid of Gonzales’ last card in his hand in this way. He also Set his [mst] he had been holding for a while and play was back to Gonzales.

He had topped [duality], immediately activated it and revealed [trunade], [fulhelm] and [sangan]. He picked [sangan], shuffled the two other cards back into his Deck and simply attacked Gress’ [stardust] with his [x-saber gottoms]. Then, he ended.

Gress didn’t really like the 3100 ATK [x-saber gottoms] had and only passed.

So, Gonzales proceeded attacking; Gress was now down to 3400 Life Points whereas Gonzales only had 1100 Life Points left. He thereon ended by Setting a Spell/Trap.

Gress only Set the [vayu] he had just drawn.

Gonzales attacked the Set [vayu] and ended his turn afterwards.

Gress activated [allure] for which he removed [bora]. Hereon, he activated a freshly drawn [dark hole] and ended after having Set a Spell/Trap.

But now Gonzales could do nothing than pass immediately.

Gress activated his face-down [mst], hitting Gonzales’ [trunade]. Then, he activated [eruption], Summoned his just retrieved [blizzard] to Special Summon [bora], Synchro Summoned [armed wing] and attacked Gonzales’ face-down [sangan] for the first victory.

Gress turned the game after having lost four cards to Hyunlei!


Gonzales wanted to find back into the game quickly, he finished Side-Decking after just one minute whereas Gress didn’t seem to be in any troubles of time. Eventually, Gress, too, was ready to shuffle Gonzales’ Deck and so the second round of the Match was good to go.

What cards of his Side Board did he use and would they be decisive?
What cards of his Side Board did he use and would they be decisive?

Gonzales started the game with no action and just passed the turn.

Gress Summoned [rai oh] and attacked Gonzales directly; Gonzales for sure had a [gorz] he decided to Special Summon after he had taken 1900 damage. He left the [gorz] like this and ended.

Gonzales wasn’t quite sure how he should take advantage of the fact that Gress had no Set card and was calculating for a while. Then, he Summoned [bogknight] and activated its effect to Special Summon [emmersblade]. Hereupon, he activated [mind control] to take control of Gress’ [rai oh], changed the battle positions of his [gorz] and the Gorz token he had on his side of the field and attacked with all of his monsters. Gress was now left with only 200 Life Points as he had no response to all the attacking monsters!

Gress drew and shouted out “Oh my god…” after which he laughed. He was holding three [sirocco]s, [dad] and [reborn] and he obviously didn’t think these card would help him now. He did what he could by Summoning the only other monster card in his hand – [gale] and Tuned his monsters to [brd] in order to destroy all of Gonzales’ monsters with its effect. He then proceeded with [reborn], used it to Special Summon [gorz] and attacked Gonzales’ Life Points directly. With no cover, he had to end his turn.

But Gonzales seemed to hold even worse cards than Gress, he only Set a Monster Card!

Gress now was delighted. He Summoned his just drawn [shura], then he attacked the face-down [darksoul], Special Summoned [kalut] with [shura]’s effect and attacked directly with both [gorz] and [kalut] in order to win the Match!

Gress won the Match after a quick second Duel!

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