Feature Match Top 16: Weng Tran vs. Ioannis Mourelatos

Ioannis Mourelatos just sneaked into the top 32, ending up in the very last place that secured him a spot in the knock out portion of the tournament! Not the best odds when you have to face the only undefeated player left in the tournament, however, he overcame Piyal Peiris’ Salvo DAD deck and advanced to the top 16! Will he be able to do the same with Weng Tran? We will see right now!

Mourelatos is piloting a Scrap deck today, something you don’t see every day, while Tran is relying on an Anti Meta build to catch the popular decks off-guard. Would Tran’s deck also work against the Scrap monsters or would the element of surprise give Mourelatos the edge?


Mourelatos overcame the odds in the last round, could he do the same again with his Scrap deck?
Mourelatos overcame the odds in the last round, could he do the same again with his Scrap deck?


Mourelatos went first and he kicked things off with [scrapyard]. He searched his deck for [scrap beast] and added it to his hand. He Summoned [scrap beast] next, Set 3 Spell or Trap Cards and passed.


The Hedgehog also works well with the Scraps!
The Hedgehog also works well with the Scraps!


Tran Set 4 Spell or Trap Cards and play was back to Mourelatos.

The Greek player declared a direct attack with [scrap beast] and it concluded. He Set a fourth spell or trap, but it fell victim to [mst] in the End Phase ([bom]).

Tran had [duality] now and it revealed [ground], [lady] and [pachy]. He picked the spell, checked his backrow, activated [ground], but Mourelatos Chained [scrap storm]. Tran had to read the card. It allowed Mourelatos to send [scrap chimera] to his Graveyard (from his deck), he drew a card, then destroyed [scrap beast] and thanks to the effect of it, he was allowed to add [scrap chimera] to his hand!

Tran Summoned [pachy] next and had it attack into the set [hedge], which was destroyed as a result of battle. He Set his last Spell or Trap Card and passed.

[lyla] came out on Mourelatos’ side of the field. Tran flipped [warning] to negate the Summon.

Play was back to Tran who attacked with [pachy], but [bom] flipped it face-down. [mst] from Tran destroyed [bth], he Set the spell or trap he drew for his turn and passed.

Scrap Chimera and Scrap Beast teaming up!
Scrap Chimera and Scrap Beast teaming up!

Mourelatos Summoned [scrap chimera] and opted to use its effect. Tran Chained [ro]!!! A great answer, leaving Mourelatos with no chance but to pass.

Tran flipped and attacked with [pachy]. He passed.

[duality] from Mourelatos revealed [call], [warning] and [scrap goblin]. He picked the monster after Tran had a quick glance at it. He Set a monster ([scrap goblin]) and passed.

Tran was in a strong position with his 4 cards on the field and 2 in his hand against 2 cards on the field on Mourelatos’ side and 2 more on his hand. [lady] was Summoned and attacked into the Set [scrap goblin]. Both monsters were removed from the game thanks to the Warrior’s effect. [pachy] took another bite out of Mourelatos’ Life Points and Tran was done with his turn.

Mourelatos activated [scrapyard]. He Summoned [scrap beast], Tran had [bth], but [scrapstorm] was Chained once more! [scrap golem] hit the Graveyard, Mourelatos drew a card, he destroyed [scrap beast] and took back [scrap chimera]. He Set a Spell or Trap Card and play was back to Train.

Slowly Mourelatos seemed to gain on Tran. However, [breaker] came out next and it destroyed Mourelatos Set [reborn]! Either Tran called the bluff correctly or he just got lucky. Anyway, he was in a better position than ever! He Set a spell or trap after attacking with both monsters and passed.

Mourelatos Summoned [scrap chimera], but Tran had another [warning]! Mourelatos considered his options for a moment, but announced that this just cost him the game.


Weng Tran wins the first Duel!


If you ever had any doubt about the strength of [warning], Weng Tran just gave you some good stuff to think about. The two copies he used in the first Duel played a major role and helped him to stop Mourelatos from pulling off his combos! Now it was time for the Side Decks; both players were looking for more answers to their opponent’s threats.


Weng Tran piloted an Anti Deck all the way to the Top 16!
Weng Tran piloted an Anti Deck all the way to the Top 16!


Shuffling didn’t take long and with 27 minutes left on the clock, we continued with the second Duel. Mourelatos would go first again and he did so by Summoning [scrap beast] and Setting a spell or trap.


This is what a typical hand with a Scrap deck looks like
This is what a typical hand with a Scrap deck looks like


Tran’s opening move was [radiance], he followed it up with [ground], clearing the way for a direct attack which left Mourelatos with 6400 Life Points. Tran Set 3 Spell or Trap Cards and passed.

Mourelatos had a [ground] on his own. Tran Chained [mst] to destroy the Set [scrapstorm] which was removed from the game (when [mst] resolved, [radiance] was still on the field).

Tran Summoned [breaker], but Mourelatos used [sj] to negate the Summon. Tran passed without any other actions.

[scrap beast] was Summoned on Mourelatos side of the field. It attacked into [prison], but [bom] made sure it would see another turn!

Tran simply passed.

Mourelatos flipped [scrap beast] and attacked directly before passing.

Tran activated [duality] and saw [hole], [duality] and [dck]. The monster was selected, Summoned and it ran over [scrap beast] for 300 damage. With 1 card left in his hand, Tran was done with his turn.

Play was back to Mourelatos, he Summoned [scrap chimera] and used the effect, causing the effect of [dck] to kick in, which resulted in both monsters biting the dust!

Tran just Set a spell or trap.

Mourelatos Summoned [rai oh] and attacked directly.

Tran used [ground] to get rid off the monster.

Mourelatos Set a spell or trap.

It was time for Tran to bring out [rai oh], but Mourelatos had [bth].

Both players simply Set spells or traps in the following turns.

Tran Summoned [dck], but Mourelatos’ [tt] wiped the field.

Mourelatos Set a Monster Card.

[pachy] was Summoned and attacked the face-down monster, but it ran into [mf].

Both players Set spells or traps for 2 turns, then Mourelatos Set a second monster.

Tran had [rai oh] and attacked into [trooper]. The Machine was destroyed and allowed Mourelatos to draw another card when it hit the Graveyard. With 4 Set spells or traps, Tran passed.

Talk about backing up your monsters...
Talk about backing up your monsters...

[ground] was supposed to take care of [rai oh], but Tran had [bom]. Mourelatos then Flip Summoned [scrap goblin]. He used [mind] to take control of the face-down [rai oh], flipped it and then Tuned both of the monsters to [brd]. He was about to activate the effect, but he was moving a little too fast as Tran flipped his [ro], saving his 2 other Spell or Trap Cards! The turn was still not over with Mourelatos Summoning [scrap chimera]. He attacked into [prison], but [bom] from Mourelatos saved it!

Tran just passed.

[scrap chimera] was flipped once more and attacked, but this time his attack was stopped by [mf].

Tran just passed.

Mourelatos Set a card to each zone, but lost the freshly Set [goatz] in his End Phase to [mst].

Tran had [radiance] and Mourelatos had to think for a second before using [warning] on it.

Nothing happened the following turn.

Tran activated [df] and passed.

Mourelatos Summoned [scrap beast] and passed after a successful direct attack.

It was time for Tran to pick up the pace again. He Summoned [breaker] and ran with it over [scrap beast].

Mourelatos was left in a very tough position. All he could do was pass after Setting another monster.

Tran invited [rai oh] to the party and attacked with it over the Set [scrap goblin]. [breaker] dished out another 1900 points of damage.

Mourelatos drew and desperately needed some form of an out… He didn’t draw into it and extended his hand, telling Tran “Great game!”


Weng Tran advances to the quarter finals!


What a match! Play went back and forth for several turns, but in the end, Tran could overcome Mourelatos Scrap deck and claim the win!

[ro] was a key card in both games, shutting down Mourelatos’ only way of coming back. Tran explained that he opted to Summon [radiance] first in the second Duel, when he also had the chance to Summon [breaker]. He telegraphed the Set [scrapstorm] and [breaker] would have helped Mourelatos to gain an early lead. [radiance] shut down the spell and allowed Tran to dictate the pace from early on.

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