Feature Match Top 32: Dario Longo vs. Slavik Shevchuk

The Top 32 started with a Match between Dario Longo and Slavik Shevchuk. I think many Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players will be familiar with the name Dario Longo, as he’s won the Italian Championship twice and also the World Championship once, Slavik Shevchuk travelled to the YCS from Israel and we’re thrilled to have him here. Shevchuk rolled a “5” whereas “Longo” rolled a “2”, hence Shevchuk could go first.

Could he keep up with a World Champion?
Could he keep up with a World Champion?

He opened with nothing but [rai oh] and ended his turn.

Longo wanted to start with [rota] but received a warning instead, because [rai oh] prevented him of activating [rota]. So, he activated [mind control] instead to gain control of [rai oh] and learned that neither player could activate cards such as [rota]. He seemed really unfocused and held his hand in front of his face, then, he Summoned [debris] and wanted to Tune both monsters to [stardust] but instead received yet another warning, because he forgot about [debris]’s effect which didn’t allow him to Tune [debris] and a Level 4 monster to a Synchro Monster! All he could do now was to attack with [debris], Set a Spell/Trap and end his turn, definitely not pleased with the things he’d just done.

Shevchuk didn’t seem to pity Longo too much, he simply Normal Summoned [shura] and thereon Special Summoned two copies of [bora]. Then, he attacked with [shura] and activated its effect after having destroyed Longo’s [debris], searching for a [gale] and proceeding with an attack with all of his monsters he had now. While attacking with his last monster, [gale], he discarded [kalut] in order to reduce Longo’s Life Points to 0.

Longo’s major mistakes led Shevchuk to an easy victory of Game 1!


He really needed to focus...
He really needed to focus...

After both Duelists had used their Side-Decks, Longo started the second game of the Match with [sarco] which removed [cw] from the game. He then Set two cards back row and ended.

Shevchuk activated [whirlwind], then he Normal Summoned [bora] and as Longo didn’t feel like letting Shevchuk profit, he activated [bth]. So, Shevchuk only Set another Spell/Trap.

Longo could do no more than Set a Spell/Trap before play was back to Shevchuk.

He Set a monster and another Spell/Trap.

Longo eventually added [cw] to his hand, thanks to [sarco], then he Summoned [fulhelm] and attacked the face-down monster. It turned out to be [ryko] which destroyed Longos face-down [tt]. He went on by Setting two Spells/Traps and ended.

Shevchuk Summoned [bora] and retrieved [gale] thanks to [whirlwind]. After that, he Special Summoned [gale] and used its effect to half [fulhelm]’s ATK. Thereupon, he used his two monsters to Synchro Summon [brd] and used its effect to destroy all cards on the field. Surprisingly enough, he left the field empty as it was.

Longo Summoned another [fulhelm] and attacked directly, but Shevchuk Special Summoned [gorz] afterwards. Longo didn’t seem to like this although he certainly had guessed it. He Set his two remaining cards to his back row and ended.

Shevchuk just wanted to be sure that [tt] and [mf] were already lying in Longo’s Graveyard before he Normal Summoned [shura] and changed the battle positions of [gorz] and the token. Then, he declared an attack with his token and both the token and [fulhelm] were destroyed by battle. After that, he attacked with his other two monsters directly before he gave Longo another opportunity to do something.

Longo, on the other hand side, drew his third [fulhelm] and wasn’t amused at all. He couldn’t do more than Summon it and already knew that this Match was over.

Shevchuk Summoned [blizzard], used its effect to Special Summon [bora] and Tuned both [blizzard] and [bora] to [brionac]. Then, he used his priority to return Longo’s monster to his hand by activating [brionac]’s effect and went on with attacks with all his monsters for the second victory.

Shevchuk defeats Longo in record time!

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