Feature Match: WCQ Last Chance Qualifier Final

For the first Feature Match of this event we picked the final of a WCQ: Last Chance Qualifier. Both Duelists already earned their invite for the Main Event. Still, both are eager to win this! It’s Kevin from England against Jan from Germany. Jan won the die roll and elected to go first.

FM LCQ1[abstand]
Jan started his turn by summoning [k planet] He banished [k slip] and [k fore] for its effect. After that he normal summoned [k straw] and specialed [k fore] with its effect. Jan moved to his End Phase, where [k fore] is destroyed. He banished it from the graveyard to special summon [k tincan]. It added [k dark] to his hand.

Kevin started off by specialsummoning [ba barbar], which Jan had the perfect answer to in the form of [maxx]. Kevin took some time to think his play through. He checked his Extra Deck and decided to continue specialsummoning [ba farfa] to summon [dante]. Jan drew a card and banished [k straw] to summon [k dark]. He opted to destroy [dante] and Kevin took back [ba farfa] to his hand. He followed by nomal summoning [tour], bringing out [ba cir] and overlaying into a second [dante]. The mills didn’t hit anything relevant at the moment. Kevin moved to his Battle Phase and destroyed [k tincan]. He banished [pk cloak] searched [pk fog] and set 2 [st].

Jan started his turn by activating [allure] and banished [k planet]. He drew into [k town] and added back [k straw] to his hand, which he summoned right away. He brought back [k slip] and banished [k straw] for another [k dark]. [k dark] destroyed itself and summoned a second [k slip] to the field. The effect hit [pk fog]. Jan followed up by overlaying both of his [k slip] into [cydra inf]. The attack took [dante] off the field. The effect of [ba cir] was negated. [teleport] in the Battle Phase summoned [k farm] to the field and Jan finally attacked for game.

[abstand]FM LCQ3[abstand]
[h2]Jan takes Game 1 in a commanding fashion.[/h2]

Kevin opted to start Game 2. He special summoned [sr terror] and searched [sr take]. He special summoned that as well and overlayed into [dante]. He activated the effect and milled three cards hitting a whopping three Phantom Knight monsters. He banished [pk gloves] to send [pk fog] to the graveyard. Then he banished [pk cloak] to add [pk boots] to his hand. He continued by summoning two [pk cloak]. One was Mask Changed into [mh law]. Kevin kept special summoning monsters until he tribute for [vanity] and ended up with this field:
[abstand]FM LCQ5[abstand]
Jan started his turn by normalsummoning [k tincan] and set two [st]. He moved to the End Phase and activated [k tincan] effect. It added [k mojo] to his hand.

Kevin drew to two cards in his hand. He tributesummoned [dante] for a second [vanity] and moved to the Battle Phase. All his attacks went through and Jan scooped up his cards.
[h2]What a Game! Kevin built a nearly unbreakable field.[/h2]
Jan started the last game with the following opening hand:
[abstand]FM LCQ6[abstand]
He did so by summoning [k soar] and setting one [st].

Kevin drew into his sixth card and started by destroying [coth] with [twisters]. Next, he special summoned [sr terror] and added [sr take] to his hand. [maxx] was dropped by Jan. Kevin kept on and overlayed into [dante] milling [ba farfa]. [dante] attacks into [k soar] but Jan responded to the attack by summoning [k fore] to the field. Kevin had to stop and upgraded [dante] into [beatrice].
Jan drew and gained 1000 Lifepoints in his Standby Phase. He did set a [st] and normal summoned [k tincan]. Jan attempted to enter his End Phase and Kevin considered his options. He decided to detach [dante] and sends [ba scarm] to his graveyard. [dante] added back [ba farfa]. Jan kept resolving the effect of [k tincan] and got [k delta] to his hand. [ba scarm] let Kevin seach for [tour].
[abstand]FM LCQ7[abstand]
After all the searching and a lot of End Phase effects Kevin got to start his turn. He tried to summon [tour] but got hit by [warning]. His follow up by play was [foolish] into [pk cloak]. He banished [pk fog] to summon back [pk cloak] and specialsummoned [pk boots]. He overlayed into [dante] milling [ba graff] and opted not to activate [ba graff] effect. Kevin continued and banished [pk boots] and searched [b]Phantom Knights’ Wing[/b]. [beatrice] attacked into [k tincan]. Jan removed [k tincan] for [k delta]. When it got destroyed he searched for another [k tincan]. He added [k slip] to complete the effect and summoned it to the field right away and destroyed [b]Phantom Knights’ Wing[/b].

Jan drew and gained another 1000 Lifepoints by [k fore]. He looked through his graveyard before activating [terraforming]. He added [fk island] to his hand and destroyed [k fore] to search [fk gar] and triggered the effect. Kevin chose to trigger the effect of [beatrice] so sent [ba cir] and got back [dante]. [k slip] destroyed [fk island] and all of Jans monsters were destroyed. He searched for [k straw] and [k soar] and [k delta] returned to the field by the effect of [k straw]. [k town] was Jan’s next play. He put back two monsters to draw two fresh cards. [k delta] activated to send [k soar] to the graveyard which was summoned to the field right away. [k lady] entered the field as well.
[abstand]FM LCQ8[abstand]
Now both players were checking the graveyards. Jan opted to overlay both of his [k soar] into [pk break]. He destroyed his own [k town] and a [dante] searching [k dark] to his hand. He banished [k straw] to summon [k dark] which commited suicide right away. [k straw] brought back [k slip] and finally [beatrice] is sucked up by [cydra inf]. Jan has another [terraforming] to add his second [k town] to his hand. He added back [k dark] to his hand. [cydra inf] destroys [dante] in battle. The following attacks were fine and Kevin was left with 3800 Lifepoints. Jan had [teleport] yet again and Kevin offered the handshake.
[abstand]FM LCQ9
[h2]Jan wins Game 3 after a huge turn![/h2]

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