Final Feature Match: Rodrigo Togores vs. Stephan Sluis

It all came down to this! After 14 rounds of Swiss and an additional 2 rounds in the knock out portion of the tournament, 2 Duelists were left out of the starting 183: Rodrigo Togores and Stephan Sluis.

Togores, probably Spain’s most famous player, was playing Frog OTK, while Sluis relied on Frog Monarchs. Togores won the die roll and cheered, the first little victory in the most important Duel of the day!


Rodrigo Togores has piloted his version of the Frog OTK all the way to the finals!


He Summoned [substi] and activated [card destruction] which filled his Graveyard with 2 Frogs, [ronin] and [salvage]. He removed [des frog] to Special Summon [ronin], then he went for the combo and filled his Graveyard with a huge number of Frogs.

He used the effect of [ronin] a few more times to end up with 2 copies of [poison] on the field. Next, he used [ronin] to Special Summon 2 copies of [swap], using their second effects to send both [poison][s] to the Graveyard, allowing him to draw into some fresh cards. He asked Sluis, who was playing Infernities, how many FTK’s he was able to pull off in the tournament (0) and explained that he had around 4. He played [salvage], returning 2 copies of [poison] to his hand. Next, he had [141], brought out [fishborg blaster], brought one of his [swap] back to his hand, Summoned [poison] thanks to the additional Normal Summon, Special Summoned [swap] and sent [poison] back to the Graveyard, which let him draw another card. He revealed the card he had just drawn into: [mass driver]!


Rogores went for the loop and won the first match!


Sluis wanted to make sure that he was in fact defeated. Togores explained all the effects of the various frogs that allowed him to Special Summon them to the field over and over again, making it possible to Tribute them time and again for [mass driver]. He could do 25 or even 26 iterations of his combo, which was enough to win him the first Duel!


Rodrigo Togores is only 1 win away from becoming European Champion!


Togores was extremely confident at this point. He involved Sluis in friendly chatter over sidedecking and asked him about the options in his side deck. We learned that Sluis finished 17th in his respective Nationals and Togores made 5th. Then, we moved on with the 2nd Duel.


Stephan Sluis had to win the next 2 Duels to become European Champion


The first turn ever from Sluis in this match. He Set a card to each zone and passed.

Togores didn’t seem to be that happy with his opening 6. He took some time to consider his options and decided to Special Summon [swap], discarding [ronin]. He searched his deck for [treeborn] and put it in his Graveyard. Next, he returned [swap] to his hand to Normal Summon [unifrog]. He Special Summoned [swap] again, discarding [dupe] and searching his deck for another [treeborn]. He had 2 cards left in his hand and entered the Battle Phase. [unifrog] attacked directly and it’s effect destroyed the Set [foolish] on Sluis’ side of the field.

Sluis Summoned [beetle]. He attacked [unirana], dealing 800 damage and passed.


Wait a minute, did a Beetle just take out a Frog?!


Togores returned his [treeborn]. He brought out [substi] next and Tributed [treeborn], which allowed him to Special Summon [dupe]. He Summoned another [swap], Summoned [ronin], then brought [ronin] back with its own effect and Special Summoned another [dupe] from his deck (thanks to the effect of [substi]). He made the same move again, removing [unifrog] this time and getting [flip flop]. He activated [brain] to gain control of [beetle] and Tuned it together with [flip flop] and [dupe] to [goyo]. Togores brought back [ronin], Tributed it and Special Summoned [des frog] this time. [goyo] attacked and destroyed [necromancer] and it was Special Summoned to Togores‘ side of the field. 3 attacks from frogs followed, dealing 3000 points of damage! Togores brought [dupe] back to his hand thanks to the effect of [swap] and passed his turn.


Togores wanted to prove that he could also win without going for the combo!


Sluis considered his options for a second. He Summoned [beetle], which Togores commented with: “More Synchros for me!”, destroyed [swap] in battle and passed.

Play was back to Togores, who seemed to have a blast. He Normal Summoned [swap] and did some calculations. It seemed like he was ready to end this Duel! He Special Summoned another [swap], entered his Battle Phase and declared an attack with [goyo]. Sluis simply extended his hand!


Rodrigo Togores is European Champion 2010!


“Iniesta, Iniesta!”, the other Spanish players shouted from the top of their lungs, referencing the matchwinner of the final of the FIFA World Cup. It seemed like Rodrigo Togores’ win of the European Championship was just as important to them as the win of their football team!

Rodrigo Togores wasted no time, collected his belongings and mingled with the crowd, receiving congratulations from several Duelists!


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