Finals: Federico Zoppini (Mermails) vs. Jack Bruun (Dino Rabbit)

02.12.2012 | 18:28 |

Only 2 remained where 818 tried: Jack Bruun from Sweden and Federico Zoppini from Italy! Both players were able to overcome some of Europe's strongest contenders, even though they chose rather different paths. Zoppini showed the opposition who's boss with his Mermail Deck while Bruun brought one of the "oldies" to the table: Dino Rabbits!

It's Sweden vs. Italy, Dino Rabbit vs. Mermail and established vs. new! It couldn't get much more exciting! And with that, I present you the finals of the YCS Barcelona!

Bruun came close before, not having to admit defeat until the finals in Toulouse where Peter Groß started his impressive streak of 2 YCS victories in a row. Could he go all the way today? He rolled a 6, Zoppini couldn't quite match it with a 4 and that meant Bruun was allowed to go first!


Jack Bruun came close before, could he go all the way today?!

Jack Bruun came close before, could he go all the way today?!


Bruun kicked things off, setting 2 Spells or Traps.

Zoppini drew and Bruun activated Macro Cosmos during his Draw Phase.

Zoppini set a Spell or Trap Card, he Normal Summoned Deep Sea Diva and that got him Atlantean Marksman. Bruun simply flipped Torrential Tribute, to banish both monsters. So far, so good.

Bruun added a set Spell or Trap Card.


A SECOND Torrential for Bruun left Zoppini in shock!

A SECOND Torrential for Bruun left Zoppini in shock!


Zoppini tried again with a second Deep Sea Diva. Bruun flipped a second Torrential Tribute! The crowd went wild for the first time!

Yet another set Spell or Trap Card for Bruun. A third (!) Deep Sea Diva from Zoppini. Wow! Italian cheers in the audience.
This time, Atlantean Marksman stuck and the following attack left Bruun on 6600 Life Points. This allowed Zoppini to Special Summon Atlantean Dragoons to the field, which meant Bruun would fall to 4600 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Zoppini Synchro Summoned Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier, but Bruun had a Bottomless Trap Hole for it.

Finally, Bruun found a monster. He set a card to each zone and ended.


Finally, Bruun found a monster!

Finally, Bruun found a monster!


Zoppini Normal Summoned Atlantean Dragoons. He followed it up with Mind Control on Bruun's set monster. He attacked, but Bruun flipped Fiendish Chain to stop Atlantean Marksman. Atlantean Dragoons dealt damage, leaving Bruun on 2800. Zoppini hadn't taken any damage in return so far.
Zoppini Flip Summoned Night Assailant. He then overlaid his monsters for Wind-Up Zenmaines, he set a Spell or Trap Card and ended.

Dark Hole from Bruun. Zoppini announced "no response" and that's when Bruun Chained Book of Moon from his hand to make sure Wind-Up Zenmaines would also leave the field. Bruun set 2 more Spells or Traps and he ended.


Now Zoppini tried with Abysslinde!

Now Zoppini tried with Abysslinde!


Zoppini now found Mermail Abysslinde. He attacked with it into Kabazauls. Zoppini then flipped Blast Sphere, Special Summoning Mermail Abyssmegalo. It attacked over Kabazauls.

Bruun drew and set a Spell or Trap Card.

Mermail Abysslinde attacked directly. Back to Bruun.

Tour Guide From the Underworld from the top! "Finally, a monster!"
Zoppini had no response, allowing Bruun to search his Deck for a second copy of the Fiend. He then used both to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Zenmaines and Zoppini responded with Torrential Tribute. Bruun flipped Forbidden Lance, so he would keep Wind-Up Zenmaines AND both materials! No attack and it was Zoppini's turn. He didn't perform any actions.

The following turn, Bruun only set a Spell or Trap Card and he switched his Xyz Monster to Defense Position. Nothing happened the following 2 turns.


Let's go, Zenmaines!

Let's go, Zenmaines!


Zoppini set a monster and Bruun attacked with Wind-Up Zenmaines over it the following turn. It was Maxx "C".

Back to Zoppini, who now Normal Summoned Genex Controller. He attacked over Wind-Up Zenmaines, he took 100 points of damage and that allowed him to Special Summon Tragoedia to the field. Bruun had a Fiendish Chain for it.

He attacked over it the following turn, set a Spell or Trap Card and ended. Zoppini passed without performing any actions. Bruun only switched Wind-Up Zenmaines to Defense Position. Bruun only set a monster.

"Where are my monsters?" Bruun asked in disbelief. The Deck answered his call (for once) and Jurrac Guaiba from the top seemed like a strong answer! He attacked over the set Genex Controller, Special Summoned a second copy and that meant he would be allowed to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia in Main Phase 2.


Could Dark Hole still turn this around? Not with Laggia on the field!

Could Dark Hole still turn this around? Not with Laggia on the field!


Zoppini tried to fight back with Dark Hole, but Evolzar Laggia negated it. He set 2, Bruun activated Mystical Space Typhoon and he rolled a die, hitting Mirror Force!

The following turn, another Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed the set Pot of Avarice. Bruun set a card to each zone.

Zoppini only set a monster.

Bruun's Evolzar Laggia attacked over Genex Undine. He didn't attack directly with Wind-Up Zenmaines and switched it to Defense Position in Main Phase 2.

Zoppini only set a monster again.

Bruun Flip Summoned a Dino. He Normal Summoned another one - Evolzar Laggia! He attacked over the set Genex Undine and considered attacking to reduce Zoppini's Life Points (4900). Wind-Up Zenmaines went in. No response from Zoppini. The second Evolzar Laggia didn't attack.

Zoppini drew and then went for his Side Deck!


Jack Bruun turns the first Duel around!


For a very long time, it didn't seem like Jack Bruun could ever get his feet on the ground in the first game. While the defense of his Deck was working pretty much as expecting, his offense was lacking the help of some monsters. When they finally started to appear, Bruun started to gain some ground.

He knew that there was little Zoppini could do once his lock with Macro Cosmos and a strong monster like Wind-Up Zenmaines was applied. That's why he continued to play conservatively, not risking a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness from his opponent. In the end, he was rewarded for his patient playing style with the win in the first Duel!


Could Zoppini come back in the finals?!

Could Zoppini come back in the finals?!


This time, it would be Zoppini who was allowed to go first. He tried to calm down after his emotions got the better of him at the end of the first game, thought a little longer about his opening move and eventually opted to pass the turn without performing any actions.

Bruun took the invitation and showed Rescue Rabbit. This got him 2 Sabersaurus, he used them to Special Summon Evolzar Laggia and he went on and set 3 Spells or Traps, not attacking.

Macro Cosmos got flipped during Zoppini's Draw Phase. Dark Hole got negated by Evolzar Laggia. Heavy Storm then cleared Bruun's back row! A great series of plays!
Mermail Abyssmegalo and before I could even attempt and take a picture, Bruun shuffled up his cards! The noise of the players watching the event on the big screen drowned all the attempts of telling the players to just give me a second...


Zoppini equals the score!


Bruun seemed nonplussed. "That was a quick game..." I agreed and pointed out that I don't mind taking pictures. Bruun responded: "The same thing happened against Peter" indicating that he's rather used to this. Let's see how this goes in the last game.


It seemed like only Bruun was playing!

It seemed like only Bruun was playing!


It couldn't get much better than this. Bruun found Rescue Rabbit in his opening 6, he then went on and Special Summoned Evolzar Laggia and 5 face-downs followed!

Macro Cosmos during Zoppini's Draw Phase. A "Dark Hole! Dark Hole! Dark Hole!" chant from the crowd got unanswered, with Zoppini only setting Torrential Tribute. It got destroyed by Mystical Space Typhoon.

Once again, Bruun played conservatively, not attacking, but only setting another Spell or Trap Card.

Dark Hole from Zoppini got answered with Forbidden Lance. Zoppini then ended again and Bruun only added another face-down Spell or Trap Card.

The Italian Duelist set a monster.

Bruun attacked with Evolzar Laggia over Genex Controller.

Zoppini mirrored his past move and Bruun attacked over Genex Undine the next turn. Another monster from Zoppini and this time, Bruun didn't attack. He added a set monster instead.

Zoppini Flip Summoned Mermail Abysspike, which was fine with Bruun, and he followed it up with Genex Controller. The Swedish player had to think for a bit about the second Summon. It seemed to him like Torrential Tribute with a Chained Forbidden Lance on his Evolzar Laggia was the right response. Zoppini then ended.





Bruun now found his second Rescue Rabbit! This allowed him to Special Summon Evolzar Dolkka. Attacks with both Evolzars and suddenly, the clock was ticking for Zoppini and fast!

Zoppini drew and slammed his fist on the table, only to extend the hand a split second later, admitting defeat in a very sportsmanlike manner.


Jack Bruun is your YCS Barcelona Winner!


What an amazing final! We had a thrilling first match, where Jack Bruun was already with his back against the wall after only a few turns, however, he finally found the right tools (= monsters) to turn it around step by step and come out victorious!

Zoppini fought back, unleashing the devastating combos of the Mermails in the second game on only his second turn!

Even though it seemed like Zoppini now had the momentum, Bruun kept his calm, again relying on his very conservative playing style, until his Deck provided him with some more juice. That's when he stepped on the gas again, not giving Zoppini any chance to turn the game around again!