First European Dragon Duel Championship EVER!

07.07.2012 | 15:41 |

As already announced, this weekend holds a very special premiere: the first European Dragon Duel Championship EVER!
The two best players of this challenge will be invited to Tokyo, Japan, where they can Duel to become the first Dragon Duel World Champion EVER!
So this event definitely deserves special attention!

The Dragon Duel is open to players born 1999 or later, and today 45 of these promising Duelists have shown up to become the first European Dragon Duel Champion.
Today, they will face 5 challenging rounds of Dueling, followed by a Top 8 play-off on Sunday.
Successful players will get also various prizes like a trophy, boosters or a rare gamemat…but of course the unequalled best prize is to participate in the World Championship with other Yu-Gi-Oh! youngsters from all over the world. That will definitely be something they’ll never forget!

Let’s have a look at the action at the Dragon Duel tables – and stay tuned, because there’ll soon also be a Dragon Duel Feature Match!