First giant card winner in the Public Events: Utopia will travel to Greece

16.07.2011 | 18:59 |

The first “Attack of the Giant Card!!” has just finished, and “Number 39: Utopia” will make its way to Greece.
After 4 rounds of single elimination Dueling, Spyros Melissaratos from Kefalonia, Greece, faced Marc Meyer from Germany in the final.
After two quite fast Duels leading to a score of 1:1, the decision took one more hour of Dueling. In the end, Melissaratos who was playing a Water Synchro Deck, drew Genex Controller which just had the right 1400 ATK to win over Meyer’s last 1300 DEF monster, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo on the field.

Melissaratos has made all the way from Greece to support his friends in the Main Event and play some Public Events himself - apparently successfully!