Friday’s Giant Card Winner

21.09.2018 | 16:42 |
We have our first Giant Card Winner of this event! It is Yiannis Papadokonstantakis from Greece. He decided to take his chances and enter the Attack of the Giant Card with some of his friends. Now he can take a giant version of Blackwing Full Armor Master home to Greece!




Name: Yiannis Papadokonstantakis Age: 19 Country: Greece What Deck did play today? Pure Sky Striker, I feel like it's the best Deck going into en event like this. The event also served me as a final rehearsal to put my Deck to the test. Everything worked out well, so I'm going to play the same Deck for the Main Event. How do you feel about the Giant Card events in general? I like them a lot! They are special, because you can take home a unique prize that's only available at a the YCS Level. Any last words? I want to give shoutouts to my friends from Greece and all the people that came here with me!