Friday’s Giant Card Winner

26.10.2019 | 11:33 |

Ladies and Gentleman, we have our first Giant Card winner of the weekend. Vassilis Stamatiadis from Greece took his chances, entered the first Attack of the Giant Card Public Event and was rewarded with a gorgeous Ash Blossom.


Vassilis Stamatiadis


Name: Vassilis Stamatiadis
Age: 22
Country: Greece
How do you feel right now? I quite happy, I just had a rough match against one of my friends in the finals, but I managed to come out victorious
What Deck did play today? Pure Orcust – it is the most solid choice and I don’t think that it has any bad match-ups in particular.
How do you feel about the Public Events in general? They are very nice, because to give you the opportunity to play even of you drop out of the main event and keep you distracted the whole day. Apart form that the prizes are also really good.
Any last words? Shoutouts to my friend Dimitris who is travelling with me and also to my other greek friends such as Mpartoukas, Birakos, Alexakis, Farmakis, Elias and many more that I can’t remember right now.