Friday’s Public Events: What to expect!

23.06.2017 | 14:36 |
Even though the main event of WCQ: European Championship 2017 doesn’t start until tomorrow morning, there is already a lot to enjoy here in at the Estrel Convention Hall in Berlin. Friday is full of Public Events and Last Chance Qualifiers, meaning that you still have a chance to compete in the main event. Here’s a look at the action today! This beatiful Game Mat is handed out to all the participants in the Main Event as well as one pack of the highly seeked WCQ sleeves. The design is very different to the usual Game Mats. That's what makes this one very special. The Spyral archetype has such a unique artwork to it.


Participaton Game Mat


We will be giving out one Giant Card on Friday. The Giant Card is one of the most popular Public Events at each event. As there is a lot at stake the tension among players is a lot higher than the rest. Today it is this "oldie but goldie":


Recue Cat


At the Win-A-Mat Public Events you have the chance to win this cool Game Mats at the Structure Deck events:


Seto Kaiba Yugi Moto As you can see there is a whole lot of action going on here on Friday as well. The atmosphere is far more relaxed than it will be tomorrow. Duelists are having fun, trading and playtesting. Tomorrow this will change. Duelists will compete for a place at the World Championship in Japan and only the two best players will earn their invite.