Friday’s Speed Duel Giant Card Winner

26.10.2019 | 11:24 |
We have our first Giant Card Winner of this event! It is Marko Mrkonjic from Germany. He’s a big fan of Speed Dueling and decided to travel to London only to take part in the Speed Duel challenge. He was rewarded by winning this gorgeous giant skill card.


Marko Mrkonjic


Name: Marko Mrkonjic Age: 22 Country: Germany How do you feel right now? I’m super happy to have won the Giant Card. Actually, it’s one of my favourite Skill Card in the game. Speed Dueling is a fun format and I feel like the format is heavily underrated. The game needs more skill than most people think. Even though it’s called Speed Duel, it is not as fast as you would think. The rules are a little looser, but it’s still a challenging game. What Deck did play today? Warrior – it’s the best Deck in the format. It has a decent match-up against all the Decks in the meta right now. How do you feel about the Public Events in general? They are great! I only travelled to London to participate in the Speed Duel events. If it wasn’t for those I wouldn’t be here in London. Any last words? Shoutouts to Mike Steinman, he was the one who helped me build the Deck. We won the event together.