Giant Card Winner Number 3!

Some say that the Dueling world was made in seven days… AND THEN THE GIANT CARDS WERE CREATED! Abdel Zizoua attacked, played Spells and activated Traps until he reached the top!

Abdel Zizoua has been playing for about 10 years and won using their Evilswarm Deck! He takes home his ginormous [gk oracle] today. I caught up with him to see how he got on!


[quote][p][b]Which card did you want?[/b][/p]
[p]”I wanted [eek], however it was won earlier this weekend. This is cool though!”[/p][/quote][br]
[quote][p][b]What Decks did you beat?[/b][/p]
[p]”Cyber Dragon, Evilswarm, Bujin and Spellbook “[/p][/quote][br]
[quote][p][b]Have you been to any YCS before?[/b][/p]
[p]”No, this is my first!”[/p][/quote][br]

Enjoy your giant card!

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