Giant Card Winner Number 4!

23.02.2014 | 17:45 |
Next up on the roster of Giant Card winners is Victor Uzunov of Bulgaria and he has something to say!

How Exciton!

Victor was playing Hieratic Rulers today and I asked him how he felt about his Giant Card win! He’s been playing for about 11 years and we reminisced about 2004 when Pharoah’s Servant and Metal Raiders were released together!

Which card did you want?

" I wanted the Evilswarm Exciton Knight, I was happy to get it!”

What Decks did you beat?

" Firefist, Mermail and Fire Kings"

Have you been to any YCS before?

" YCS Bochum, I’ve been in every European champ until now"

Before he left me he also had something to say about his home country!
I achieved my victory due to my community in Bulgaria, and thank you to them, I am proud to be a Bulgarian.

Good for Victor! Nice of him to thank those he cares for. We hope he enjoys his Giant Card as a trophy to take back!