Grand Final Feature Match – Xiaoyu Dai (Shaddoll) vs Peter Mitro (Shaddoll)

The Top 2 Duelists have been found! From a crowd of over 650 Duelists, these 2 have proven themselves to be the best of the best. Both Xiaoyu Dai and Peter Mitro have found massive success with their Shaddoll Artifact Decks, and now is the time for them to be pitted against each other for the final battle of the YCS! Which Duelist will walk away with the title of YCS Sydney II Champion?

Game 1

Xiaoyu won the die roll and decided to go first. His opening hand consisted of [ssg], [el shd fus], [shd squa], [shd hedg], and [rai]. He played [el shd fus], fusing [shd hedg] and [shd squa] into [shd winda]. Squa sent [shd falco] to the Graveyard, and [shd hedg] added [shd beast] to Xiaoyu’s hand. Falco was then Summoned face-down from the Graveyard. Xiaoyu then Tributed Winda to Set a monster, allowing him to add [el shd fus] back to his hand. He Set 2 cards and passed his turn.

Peter opened with [rai], [a mora], [a igni], [shd falco], and [shd fus]. He drew [shd squa] and activated [shd fus], using Falco and Squamata to Special Summon [shd winda]. Falco was Special Summoned face-down, and Squamata sent [shd hedg] to the Graveyard, which added [shd beast] to Peter’s hand. He then activated [rai], but Xiaoyu used [ssg], sending [shd fus] to Grave and flipping up his [shd beast] and [shd falco]. Both were destroyed, and then Xiaoyu drew 2 cards and discarded [el shd fus] with Beast’s effect, and Falco Special Summoned [shd squa] face-down. Peter attack the Set Squamata, destroying it, but letting its effect destroy Peter’s Falco in the proces. In Main Phase 2, he Tributed Winda to Set a monster, and added [shd fus] to his hand. He then Set 2 cards and ended his turn.

Xiaoyu drew a card. He also played [rai]! Peter drew a card from his destroyed Beast. Xiaoyu Set 1 card and passed.

Peter drew a card. “It’s a monster!”, he exclaimed, as he summoned [mathe]! The [mathe] sent [shd falco] to the Graveyard, which summoned it face-down. Xiaoyu activated [a sanc]at this point, Special Summoning [a mora] and destroying [mathe]. Peter ended the turn.

Xiaoyu drew [bls] and proceeded to his End Phase. During the Phase, Peter used [a igni] on his own Set [a mora], Setting another Moralltach from his Deck. The first Moralltach was Summoned to the field, which destroyed Xiaoyu’s Moralltach.

Peter drew a card. He Normal Summoned [shd falco], and attacked with both of his monsters directly (Xiaoyu 8000 > 5300). He then Set 1 card and ended his turn.

Xiaoyu drew for turn. He Summoned [bls] from his hand, but Peter’s [a sanc] Summoned [a beag], which destroyed his Set [a mora], Summoning it and destroying [bls]! Xiaoyu Set 1 card to end his turn.

Peter’s Artifact Moralltach was able to take of Xiaoyu’s Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning before he could even use it!

Peter drew [super poly], and switched [a beag] to Attack Position. When he declared an attack, Xiaoyu’s [coth] brought back his [bls], but Peter’s [super poly] ended the Duel then and there!

Peter always had the play to match Xiaoyu’s play on the previous turn, except he was able to capitalise from the advantage he gained! Will he be able to keep up his momentum in the second Duel?

Game 2

Xiaoyu decided to go first again. His opening hand contained [stormforth], [shd beast], [el shd fus], [ssg], and Double Cyclone. He set 3 of them, and passed the turn.


Peter started with 2 [shd beast], [a mora], [shd squa], and [ssg]. He drew a card, Set 1 monster, Set a card to his backrow and passed.

Xiaoyu drew [shd drag]. He activated [stormforth], but Peter used [ssg], sending [shd drag] to the Graveyard and flipping up his [shd hedg]. Dragon targeted another Set card, and then Hedgehog’s effect activated, but Xiaoyu chained the targeted face-down card – another [ssg]! He sent [shd squa] to the Graveyard. Then, his [ssg] was destroyed, and [shd hedg] added [shd fus] to Peter’s hand. Xiaoyu’s Squamata then sent [shd beast] to the Graveyard, giving Xiaoyu a free card. He then Tributed Peter’s Hedgehog to Set a monster, which ended his turn.

Peter drew [el shd fus]. He activated [shd fus], using his [shd beast] and [a mora] for [shd construct]. Construct sent Falco to the Graveyard, and Beast let Peter draw [raiza]. Falco was then Summoned face-down. He then Tributed Construct for [raiza]! Its effect put Xiaoyu’s Set monster on top of his Deck, and Construct returned [shd fus] to Peter’s hand. He then attacked directly with Raiza (Xiaoyu 8000 > 5600). Peter Set 1 card and passed the turn.

A surp-Raiz-ing Tribute Summon leaves Peter in pole position!

Xiaoyu drew the [shd beast] Peter put on top of his Deck. He activated [rai], destroying [raiza] and [shd falco], Setting the Falco face-down again. He then Normal Summoned [shd drag], then attacked and destroyed Peter’s Falco. He ended his turn, but during the End Phase Peter activated [el shd fus], using his [shd squa] and [shd beast] for [shd winda]. The effect of Squamata sent Falco to the Graveyard, but forgot that he couldn’t Summon it this turn! His Beast, however, drew him a card.

Peter drew a card and attacked with [shd winda], but Xiaoyu played [el shd fus], fusing his [shd beast] and [shd dragon] for [shd winda]. Xiaoyu’s Beast drew [vanitys fiend]. Peter continued the attack, destroying both monsters. Both players added [el shd fus] to their hands with Winda’s effect. Peter then Set a card and passed.

Xiaoyu drew a card. He Set a monster, Set a Spell/Trap card, and passed the turn.

Peter drew and activated [stormforth]! However, Xiaoyu used [el shd fus] as Chain Link 2, and Double Cyclone as Chain Link 3. The Cyclone destroyed Peter’s Set card and Xiaoyu’s [el shd fus], and he Fusion Summoned [shd winda] using [vanity] and [shd hedg]. The Hedghog added [shd falco] to Xiaoyu’s hand. Peter then Tributed Xiaoyu’s Winda to Set a monster, allowing Xiaoyu to return [el shd fus] to his hand again. Peter ended his turn.

Xiaoyu drew [a mora]. He activated [el shd fus] and Fusion Summoned [shd construct]. [shd falco] was Set to the field after being used as Fusion Material, and Construct sent [shd hedg] to the Graveyard, which added [shd beast] to Xiaoyu’s hand. Then, Construct attacked Peter’s Set [shd beast], allowing him to draw 2 cards and and discard [shd fus]. In Main Phase 2, Xiaoyu Tributed his Construct to Set a monster, and returned [el shd fus] to his hand. He Set it and passed the turn.

Peter drew a card, Set 1 card, and ended his turn.

Xiaoyu drew [super poly]. He Flip Summoned [shd falco] and Set [shd construct] from the Graveyard. He then Flip Summoned [shd beast], drew 2 cards and discarded [a mora]. Then, he Normal Summoned [shd drag]. In his Battle Phase, he attacked directly with falco, but Peter used his [a sanc] to Summon [a mora] and destroy Xiaoyu’s [shd beast] (Xiaoyu didn’t get to draw a card, due to using its effect earlier that turn). Xiaoyu then activated [el shd fus], using Falco and his face-down [shd construct], to Fusion Summon another [shd construct]. The on-field Construct sent [shd fus] to the Graveyard, and the yarded Construct added [el shd fus] back to Xiaoyu’s hand. Construct destroyed [a mora] with its effect after attacking it, then Dragon attacked directly (Peter 8000 > 6100). Xiaoyu Set 2 cards and passed the turn.

Peter drew a card, and then activated [shd fus]. He sent [shd hedg] and [mathe] from his Deck to the Graveyard to Fusion Summon [shd shekh] in Attack Position. He then declared an attack with Shekhinaga against Xiaoyu’s [shd drag], but Xiaoyu used [el shd fus] to fuse his [shd construct] and Dragon for another Construct. The Construct in the Graveyard targeted [el shd fus], and the Construct activated its effect on the field, but Peter used [shd shekh] to negate its effect and destroy it by discarding [shd fus]. The first Construct resolved, adding [el shd fus], and then the second Construct added [shd fus] to Xiaoyu’s hand. Peter then attacked directly with [shd shekh] (Xiaoyu 5400 > 2800). He Set 1 card and ended his turn.

Xiaoyu drew [shd drag]. He activated [shd fus], and sent [mathe] and [shd falco] from his Deck to the Graveyard for [shd shekh] in Defence Position. Falco summoned itself via its effect. Xiaoyu Set another monster and passed, but Peter activated [a sanc] in Xiaoyu’s End Phase. He Special Summoned [a mora] from his Deck and activated its effect. Xiaoyu’s Shekhinaga activated its effect in response, and Peter used his Shekhinaga to negate the effect of Xiaoyu’s Shekhinaga by discarding [el shd fus]. Xiaoyu’s Shekhinaga was destroyed, and it added [shd fus] to Xiaoyu’s hand.

Peter drew [soul charge]! He slammed it onto the table, Special Summoning [shd construct] and 2 [a mora] in Attack Position at the cost of 3000 LP (Peter 6100 > 3100). He then Xyz Summoned [con ple] using 2 Moralltach as Xyz Material, and returned Xiaoyu’s Set monster to his hand. Peter then ended his turn.

Xiaoyu drew [mst]. He Flip Summoned [shd dragon] and used its effect targeting [con ple], but Peter used Pleiades’ effect to return Xiaoyu’s Set card to his hand. Xiaoyu Set a monster, and 1 backrow, and passed the turn.

While the Dragon may have removed Peter’s Pleiades from the field, Xiaoyu still has 2 El-Shaddoll monsters to deal with.

Peter drew a card and proceeded to his Battle Phase. He attacked the face-down monster with [a mora], which was [shd falco]. Xiaoyu Special Summoned [shd beast] face-down. Peter then attacked Beast with [shd construct], destroying it with Construct’s effect and only letting Xiaoyu see 1 card. [shd shekh] the attacked [shd dragon] (Xiaoyu 2800 > 2100). Peter passed his turn.

Xiaoyu drew a card, Set 2 Spell/Traps, and passed.

Peter drew a card and attacked with [shd construct], but Xiaoyu used [a sanc] to Special Summon [a mora], which destroyed [shd shekh]. Shekhinaga gave Peter [shd fus]. Construct then attacked the [a mora], which destroyed it with its effect. Moralltach then attacked directly, but Xiaoyu’s [shd core] saved him! Peter Set 1 card, and passed, but Xiaoyu used [mst] to destroy Peter’s [ssg] in the End Phase.

Xiaoyu looked at his next card, and surrendered with a hand full of Spell Cards and nothing to do with them!

Peter Mitro wins with a 2-0 victory, becoming the winner of YCS Sydney II with his Shaddoll Artifact Deck!

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