Here are the Public Event Playoff winners!

18.12.2011 | 19:39 |

The main event isn't the only place that you can win a Blood Mefist at, you can also pick one up through competing in Public Events! 2 playoffs of 4 Duelists each took place while Ping Xiao was walking his own road to victory in the main event; one for the best performing Public Event Duelists over the 2 days, and one between 4 randomly selected Duelists who participated in any Public Event here in Brighton. Here are your winners!

Callum Bilbe got an early Christmas present!

Callum Bilbe is a 16 year old British Duelist from Sheffield, and he was randomly selected to compete for the Blood Mefist! He borrowed his friend (Jake Quinsee's) Dino Rabbit Deck to compete in the playoffs and piloted it to victory. Callum entered in 2 WCQ: Regional Qualifiers and 2 Win-A-Mat events to be in with a chance of reaching the playoffs and it certainly paid off!

Thomas Rose and Ping Xiao play at the same locals, and both of them picked up a prize card today!

Bristol Duelist Thomas Rose is our second Public Event Playoff winner this weekend, and did it all with Blackwings! He competed in 6 Win-A-Mat events, winning 2 of those to qualify for the Public Event playoffs. In the Semi-Final he defeated YCS Trial winner Wytze Kluitenberg's Gravekeepers, and in the final took down Chaos to win his Blood Mefist! Our new YCS Champion Ping Xiao goes to the same local tournaments as Rose and was cheering him on right after he picked up his own prize card, and now they have a great story to tell when they return home!

Congratulations to both of our Playoff winners, and enjoy your new Synchro Monsters!