Here’s 2 ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winners!

24.02.2013 | 15:43 |

ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! is one of the most popular Public Events with Duelists, and 2 of the events have just reached their conclusions almost simultaneously. Here's the winners and the cards they chose!

Oliver Lukenda went with Evilswarm Ouroboros.

Oliver Lukenda hails from Essen in Germany, and was our first Giant Card winner of the day. This is his third YCS, having competed in Brighton as well as Bochum 2010.

Jack Igo's taking this Giant Card back to Yorkshire!

Jack Igo made the trip to Bochum from Yorkshire in England, and his return journey sees him take home the second of today's Giant Cards. This is his second YCS, having made the Top 32 playoff at YCS Sheffield.

Congratulations to both of these Duelists and our many other Public Event winners this weekend!