Hidden Arsenal 4 is rocking the Side Events!

17.04.2011 | 13:15 |

Although Hidden Arsenal 4 – Trishula’s Triumph has been released a few days ago, it wasn’t allowed in the Main Event this weekend. This decision has been made to make sure Duelists who couldn’t get their hands on the cards fast wouldn’t have any disadvantage. However, the same wasn’t true for the Public Events, so let’s see which HA04 cards Duelists put to use there!


Niels Vossen


Niels Vossen is running Genex Ally Crusher!

Niels Vossen is running Genex Ally Crusher!


Niels is running Genex Ally Crusher. Naturally, all of his Blackwing monsters share the Attribute with the new Genex Ally, making them all that more devastating once they enter the field. With its 2000 ATK, Genex Ally Crusher is likely to survive a turn or 2, providing Vossen with another tool to turn games around after his opponent committed several cards to the field!


Rashad Weikämper


Rashad Weikämper was lucky enough to open 2 copies of Trishula!

Rashad Weikämper was lucky enough to open 2 copies of Trishula!


Like most Duelists who opened a copy of Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Rashad Weikämper is also relying on the powerful Level 9 Synchro Monster. The only difference is, he opened 2 copies. According to him, his X-Saber Deck is more than capable to Summon multiple copies of the Dragon, so he’s also running both of them.


Alessandro Ricci


Alessandro Ricci from Italy is the first player running more than just a single Hidden Arsenal 4 card – he’s a big fan of the Fableds, so he has been longing to play The Fabled Cerburrel, The Fabled Nozoochee and The Fabled Kokkator.
All 3 monsters are very important to the archetype; The Fabled Cerburrel comes back whenever it gets discarded – something that happens almost every other turn in a Fabled Deck. It can then be Tuned with the other monsters to a powerful Synchro Monster, putting your opponent in a desperate position. The Fabled Nozoochee allows for huge plays; discard The Fabled Cerburrel for its effect and Special Summon another Fabled from your hand and you can Tune all 3 monsters to whatever you desire. Depending on the Level of the monster you Special Summoned from your hand, you can either bring out The Fabled Unicore, T.G. Hyper Librarian or Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. All of them are capable of turning the tide in a Duel!

The Fabled Kokkator acts as one of the more powerful lower Level monsters in the Fabled Deck; whenever it destroys and opposing monster in battle, you can recycle one of the cards in your hand.


Hélio Babo


Hélio Babo thought of Naturia Landoise as a welcome addition to his Extra Deck!

Hélio Babo thought of Naturia Landoise as a welcome addition to his Extra Deck!


There’s one more powerful Synchro Monster in Hidden Arsenal 4: Naturia Landoise! It completes the Naturia’s arsenal of monsters that can negate opposing effects. Together with Naturia Beast and Naturia Barkion, you can lock down your opponent completely!

However, Naturia Landoise isn’t just a strong addition in the Naturia Deck. It can also be Summoned in X-Saber or Six Samurai builds. Hélio Babo is running the latter and he’s already looking forward to Tuning his Kagemusha of the Six Samurai to a Grandmaster of the Six Samurai for Naturia Landoise, taking down opposing threats and clearing the way for his other Six Samurais!

Hidden Arsenal 4 – Trishula’s Triumph is the most powerful Hidden Arsenal ever, providing a multitude of Decks with the necessary tools to keep up with the strongest contenders in the format!