Impressions from Saturday at WCQ Utrecht 2019

29.06.2019 | 20:25 |
Day 1 of the WCQ European Championship in Utrecht 2019 is in the books! 1.900 Duelists entered the Main Event in order to grab one of the 4 remaining spots for Team Europe. After 8 Rounds of Swiss and almost 12 hours of Dueling the top 256 Duelists or 15 points or higher are allowed to come back tomorrow to play 3 more Rounds of Swiss before we cut to Top 64.


WCQ Utrecht 2019


Besides the Main Event we ran a lot of on-demand events and the Swiss Rounds of the Dragon Duel Championships. They will return tomorrow to play their Top 8. The Token Booth drew a lot of attention, the Duel Link stations are available and the carnival is here as well. There is lot going on and tomorrow will be even better. The Main Event will culminate in the knock-out rounds, the Dragon Duel will have a new champion and Team Europe will be decided. The Public Events will host a Mega Regional, Attack of the Giant Card and another Team Event. So, even if the Main Event didn’t go as you wanted it to, there is no reason to stay at home. The prizes are awesome and definitely worth checking out. Finally, we would like to provide you with a gallery of impressions from Saturday.